My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Used and/or Abused

   The mind control part of the targeting, which is most evident in heavily Targeted Individuals, can include the process of inducing trauma while lasering the brain into angry blaming. This is easy for them to do to us, especially when we are in indescribable levels of physical or emotional pain. While being tortured, even the most functional person can easily blow right past the functional, "I feel hurt by what you are doing" type of statement and right into desperate finger pointing, "YOU ARE DOING THIS TO ME! STOP," types of declarations. . .just to make the hell end as quickly as possible. It is too easy to blame those who are obviously striking out against us and those who do not help in ways that are desperately needed. . .but the sad truth is that they are often victims too and the blaming merely compounds the problem.
   In my situation there have been many people and organizations who have been used to help target me. These include members of my family as well as various agencies and businesses and common citizens who all  appear to be enslaved by those who target me. I have gone through many rounds of blaming various ones, mostly in efforts to shame them into stopping or doing more to help. . .before I realized that many of them are enslaved mind control victims.
   The bottom line is that too many are being used and/or abused by those who are infiltrating our countries and are aiming for complete control over humanity. . .and we ALL need our freedom back. Please help to publicly expose and stop the covert enslavement program and its technological and pharmaceutical mind control. . .so that all of humanity can be set free and have a chance to  recover.

P.S. This does not mean that those who commit crimes should not be held responsible for their own actions. It just means that those who are used, by those who target us, are victims too. . .and this needs to be taken into serious consideration, because if victims keep being blamed the wars and chaos could continue and even escalate, which is the opposite direction that we need to be heading into. There also needs to be an awareness of the types of manipulations that can cause completely innocent people to be blamed. (It appears that some enslaved victims even think they are really trying to covertly "rescue" us while being used to help enslave us.) Please help set ALL of humanity free. . .in ways that are peaceful and caring and healing.