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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Today is Meditation Day

   This morning I was reminded of how difficult it is for a heavily Targeted Individual to do anything that has a previously set date. Yesterday I experienced painful levels of torture of my brain through most of the day. As I did the 7am meditation this morning my brain was interfered with electronically. I had a slightly heavier than normal ring in my ears. My thoughts were being interrupted and odd thoughts were being plugged into my brain. I also had a strong feeling that I was being watched and scrutinized. Both of these situations blocked me. But I was able to take the prayer a bit deeper after they thought I had given up. I hope that other people are able to do a lot more than I am being allowed to do on the first of the monthly meditations. Please join in. Read more on my other blog.

Global Meditation/Prayer/Wish Request

P.S. I am letting go of doing this. I can not peacefully meditate while being targeted. I hope others can make up for what heavy targets can not do.