My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Still Trapped and Stranded!

   I am still trapped in a parking lot and continuing to go through rounds of painful technological targeting and covert harassment, which still seems to back off at times when they want it to look like I am doing fine. It is extremely distressing to be trapped here!
   I am trying to keep my focus on new writings, in order to survive it, but what I can do with my writings has also been limited by infiltrations into my computers and interference on the web and through being forced to write in places where they constantly harass me with songs and puppets. As usual, I have to keep combing through my writings to be sure to catch alterations that are sometimes done while I type. My recent attempt to change passwords to my blog and websites was blocked. I am being blocked from making comments on youtube. I was recently blocked from accessing an old infiltrated poetry site that used to alter posts and comments, and has now changed my account from private to public. The "morgellons" in my pubic area has suddenly vamped up since the day I wrote an update on it. I guess this is part of the punishment for standing up to expose things I figure out. I am also experiencing painful laser shots to the back of my neck for writing that and this post and the post on "Technological Personality Swapping." I am still often experiencing painful laser shots and/or doors slamming around me when I silently pray or just THINK of good genuine help reaching myself and others who need it. (Through watching this process I am 100% convinced that the mind reading is completely true.)
   I am at their mercy more than ever before. . . and I feel scared. There is no one, whom I can turn to for good solid help and protection. Loved ones, whom I used to know, have all been either killed or enslaved. I have never felt so trapped, so imprisoned. . .so threatened. It feels like they have a few axes held over my head, which have been slowly coming down on me. They seem to want me to wipe out my writings and leap into their hands, in order to get out of this situation. (This is one of their forceful recruiting methods - torture and trap a victim and then be there to covertly "rescue" them.) I have no idea how this is going to end. Will they continue to slowly pound me into the ground in this parking lot? Will they hold me here, continue picking at me, and pulling things away, until my hope is gone and I am psychologically destroyed so they can shove me into a shelter or hospital? Will they have me abducted or framed and jailed...etc.? Are they going to be able to succeed with wiping out my writings?
  I am, of course going to hang in here for as long as I can. But I am not OK. This is not OK. I'd rather physically die than go with them. But I don't want either one. I want to live and I want to be free. I need good, solid, honest help with protection from further harm. I also desperately need financial help.