My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, May 9, 2016

Manipulations Breed Misplaced Blame

    My gut feeling is that many ground and space based technologies, which have been being used to target and enslave humanity, were mostly built and installed under the false pretenses of them being for something good or to protect...etc. Most of those who build or install them probably do not know what they are really for.  The covert operation, that targets humanity, appears to be set up in ways that use unaware victims in the foreground of their operations, so that they are the ones who get blamed if it is realized. (Think about this.) These sorts of manipulations tend to push the innocent into defense, fear or flee mode. . .which merely serves those who target us. We need to stand up and expose the manipulations.
      Many of us want to find the True cause so that it can be stopped. But the sad truth is probably that the covert program has already enslaved so many, and has grown so big, that there is now some truth in most theories. The covert operation (secret society) has been targeting and forcefully or slyly recruiting citizens from all walks of life, both inside and outside governments around the globe. So please do not blame just "the government" or just "the people" or just "America," because they are all victims too.  These holocaustal crimes began with  criminals who have aimed to take over and control large corporations, government agencies and countries around the globe.  We are all victims - we are all in this together and we can overcome it through peacefully standing together. Instead of blaming, and continuing the covert wars, please pull together in peaceful public stands that can help restore our freedom.

Please Stand up and Help Set Humanity Free

  Many different types of manipulations are happening to me on a personal level also. Every day I struggle to listen to my heart over the manipulations and brainwashings that aim to push me into angrily blaming those who do not deserve it. . .even into blaming myself. Its all part of the targeting process. Sometimes I verbally vent the anger, or take on the guilt and shame. . .but I keep doing the best I can to return to my heart and listen only to my own instincts, although this is impossible to do while being heavily tortured. I need the technological and covert targeting to stop. I guess we all do. I hope we get our needs met. I hope humanity quickly finds the Heart and Courage to openly stand up and set itself free. (I still feel that "its safer to stand in the Light.")


Manipulations breed misplaced blame,
Misplaced guilt and misplaced shame,
As twisted tables turn in a covert game.

Please follow your Hearts above all else.