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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lasered Thoughts Against the Push for Lawsuits

At 12;16pm; a painful lasering (or microwaving) of the back right part of my head began as I thought about two videos I watched yesterday. . .and how they seemed to be doing more to expose the dark push for lawsuits, instead of on exposing and stopping the targeting.  Both videos were main stream media exposure and very professionally done. I was initially excited to have found them.  But the push for lawsuits concerns me, because they seem to be building a wall that prevents the core of the targeting from being fully exposed and stopped. If people are too concerned about lawsuits, will they stand up for us?
   During the short time that I had connected to Targeted Individual "support" web forums (around 2012), I was steadily stalked by perpetration pushes to file lawsuits against the government. One of them even lied to me - when I told her my view on the foolish lawsuit thing, she told me that it was not for that, in order to get me to join in on the group filing. I quickly learned the truth and pulled away from it.

  I strongly feel that government officials and agencies have also been being targeted. Humanity is being targeted. America is being targeted. We are all in this together and we need to openly pull together, with our hearts, instead of fighting against each other, in order for things to start getting better.

   At this point, a TI filing a lawsuit against our government is like a TI filing a lawsuit against another suffering TI. I wish we could all just let our hearts stand together to fully expose and stop the infiltration and all of its horrible technological targeting and human enslavement.

"We are all victims of hell
Surely me, but them as well."