My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Today I noticed a lot of Chemtrails appearing in the sky above the area where I am stranded. I wish we knew for sure what they are.

Update; I hear that "chemtrails" are actually geoengineering with aerosols, and polymer fibers to help it stay afloat, for the purpose of saving us from global warming. Is it really? I have a feeling that there is a darkness behind it all - a darkness that even most those who perform it are probably not aware of. (Too much to get into right now. Please research it.


P.S. My dell lap top was put out of commission later this evening, as I aimed to update my Covert War article in my books...etc. That computer is the only one that I can use my publishing program on, which means I not do anymore to fix my books. My internet computer is also suddenly acting up. . .and I may have just gotten a threat to put out my phone. I am still stranded in a parking lot. 

Please read new page on the Covert Wars