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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It Hurts

   It hurts that the targeting of humanity is happening and has harmed so many people. It hurts to be targeted and still trapped in a parking lot. It hurts to even just think of any level of this continuing for any longer. It hurts. It just hurts too much. But it helps when I remind myself that. . .

Beyond the confusion
Of games and wars
The Light holds open
For us the door.

I pray that more Hearts are reached every day
And that humanity will soon be saved.

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Terrifying Experience

   The technological targeting vamped up in the past couple days. The evening before last, I experienced what appeared to be a technological lasering of my throat, blocking air and my ability to freely swallow. . .in an effort try to get me to call 911 or leap into a puppet car that parked next to me. It quickly let up when I decided to just let them kill me, instead of leaping into their hands. My head has been painfully microwaved through most of today. (I am still stranded in my car in a parking lot.)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Too Trapped

   In the past few weeks, as I remain imprisoned in a parking lot, I am experiencing rounds of various types of targeting, including threats to take my car and repeated rounds of technological torture with aims for a covert "rescue" into enslavement.

1. For a couple weeks, before being imprisoned in this parking lot, my tooth had been being lasered around orders for me to "go to the dentist."

2. In the past week I am experiencing lasering of my heart almost every evening, as I try to sleep, along with orders to "call 911" and "go to the hospital." I think it is well known that all levels of our medical profession are heavily infiltrated and involved in the targeting and that hospitals are extremely unsafe for those of us who are being heavily targeted.

3. Last week, I had dreams, that were projected with psychotronic weapons, almost every night. They showed me living in a fancy house if I let myself be enslaved and change my name to "Jane Bordeau." Other dreams show me being kept in poverty if I do not join the program. One contained orders to not cry and another was threats of parasites being placed in my bed.

4. They are also doing new rounds of trying to order me to do what I am already planning on doing and pretending that I am with them and following them.

5. My computers are heavily infiltrated. The computer that I do my books on has been shut down. The other one suddenly has a window popping up saying that my windows program is not valid. Everything I do, on the web or not, is obviously either watched or interfered with. I downloaded a word program, in order to continue work on my books, but it appears to be being interfered with as well.

6. My brain is being almost constantly monitored (heavy ring in my ears) and sometimes tortured, as usual, although the electronic torture has not been as bad a as usual. There is a group that appears to be doing another round of expecting me to launch into a health kick and meditating and spiritual openings while I am being targeted, judged and watched by them!

7. My neck started being painfully lasered as I wrote this statement.

I am feeling too trapped and scared.

 P.S. I have experienced an uncountable rounds of these sorts of things (Many with more electronic torture.) But this period of time feels worse because of being stranded and unable to go anywhere.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I am still stranded in a parking lot and am being completely blocked from fixing possible alterations to my books.

Technological Targeting, Covert Harassment, Law Enforcement and Concerns of a Targeted Individual.

[Update; Though I had tried to be objective with this post, my fear had written it during a time when I was stranded in a parking lot and being painfully tortured for a long periods of time - during one of those times when I was literally fearing for my life. I'm still scared. I have lightly edited this post since then. And I hope it does not offend anyone. ]
  The targeting is so confusing that its hard to be 100% sure of anything while still being targeted and not having clear, peaceful time to figure things out. I do not want to unfairly blame, but I have had some serious concerns.

  In my personal situation there are two points of view
 - the bigger picture and the smaller picture.

   When I look at the bigger picture I feel that the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, and the covert enslavement program, has grown to holocaustal levels and is in desperate need of being exposed and stopped for the safety and Freedom of all of humanity. I feel that many organizations, including all levels of law enforcement, have been being infiltrated and are victims of sly technological mind control and enslavement into the program that is targeting us. I feel for them too. This is all a scary situation that is in desperate need of being exposed and stopped. It appears that “rescues” into the covert program, and certain modes of "protection," are actually enslavement and I am concerned for all whom this may have happened to.
   When I am not stuck in my own pain and fear, I can feel for people who are being used by those who target harmless people like me, especially if they are enslaved or deceived or unaware of being mind control victims. They count too and they need their freedom too. The situation with law enforcement is like the situation within my family. They are not bad - many are enslaved victims of a dark force that has been targeting all of humanity.) I feel for them, but I count too. . .

On a personal level - the smaller picture; I feel trapped, hurt, confused and scared. Since the sabotaging of the homes I'd owned, my business and long term relationships, I have been being held in a homeless prison where I live in a vehicle and the technological targeting and covert harassment continues and gets even worse when I aim to do my work or get back onto my own feet in some other way. There seems no way out of my situation and I am concerned about what will happen to me, especially since there has been no safe place to turn for protection and validation.

   Since there has appeared to be some law enforcement involvement in the targeting, and because there have been attempts to frame me or have me institutionalized, I have a legitimate concern about ending up in the hands of law enforcement that could possibly be influenced by the people who are targeting me. There is a serious danger in those who target me having control over anyone who is in a position of authority over me, especially if they are unaware mind control victims.
   In the past few decades I've had some good experiences with law enforcement officials, but also some questionable ones where some of them appeared to be part of the targeting.  I do not want to place unfair blame. Some of my experiences are too confusing for me to be sure of exactly who is doing it. I know that those who target me actually manipulate things to try to make us blame the government. I know that things are not always the way they appear to be. Some of it is really confusing. I have been being so heavily targeted that I have not had the chance to fully figure it all out. I hope that it can all be honestly made clear to me someday. I hope things are better than they have appeared to be. But, I cannot help how I feel. . .and I feel too trapped and scared and vulnerable and unsafe.
   There is so much happening in the overall targeting that it would be foolish to only point fingers at the small stuff, which cannot be clear or resolved under the constraints of the technological mind control. I feel that if the technological mind control were genuinely exposed and stopped most of the little stuff would automatically stop happening and people from all walks of life would pull together and support each other and help each other to recover from what it has done to us. We are all victims, of various sorts, and we all need our Freedom back so that we can start Loving each other instead of hurting each other. But until that happens, this smaller stuff is what could continue hurting people like me.

 I beg all levels of law enforcement to realize what is happening and let your Hearts make a peaceful, public stand for your own Freedom as well as ours.

 God help us all to be totally set free.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Just Stop It!

Sometimes I want to shake the world and yell,
STOP IT! JUST STOP! Stop the covert mess.
Save your mind. Use your Heart.
And stop destroying the rest.

    Through the past two years or so my heart and soul have repeatedly cried, "Where's the good." Where is it - where are good, decent, honest people who would want to be here for us and protect us from further harm? Where? I guess they are not able to be yet or they do not know.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Today I noticed a lot of Chemtrails appearing in the sky above the area where I am stranded. I wish we knew for sure what they are.

Update; I hear that "chemtrails" are actually geoengineering with aerosols, and polymer fibers to help it stay afloat, for the purpose of saving us from global warming. Is it really? I have a feeling that there is a darkness behind it all - a darkness that even most those who perform it are probably not aware of. (Too much to get into right now. Please research it.


P.S. My dell lap top was put out of commission later this evening, as I aimed to update my Covert War article in my books...etc. That computer is the only one that I can use my publishing program on, which means I not do anymore to fix my books. My internet computer is also suddenly acting up. . .and I may have just gotten a threat to put out my phone. I am still stranded in a parking lot. 

Please read new page on the Covert Wars 

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Call for GENUINE Peace

May genuine peace
Replace the covert war
And Hearts step out
To inform and restore.
Leaving. . .
Humanity more free
Than ever before.

    I am still deeply concerned that certain technological modes of "protection" from electromagnetic targeting could be a sly enslavement performed by those who may also be placing filters in detection technologies, in order to prevent detection of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. . .and that the covert “rescues” are actually enslavement. I feel that government and military  are victims of this as well as other citizens. Please help spread the word on this ASAP.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tell Me Why

[Update; I later found that this page was hidden from public view. ] 

(It also appears that the most heart touching part of one of my videos was cut out.)
    This video below depicts a cruel reality that most people do not realize is also secretly happening in free countries  where people are being covertly targeted - where holocaustal crimes are being committed in our own "safe" communities - where most citizens either do not know or are members of a secret covert program, which harasses and torments technologically tortured victims instead of standing with us - where victims suffer alone and scared. . .our lives being slowly and barbarically destroyed. . .and no safe place to turn to for understanding and protection. Please realize what is happening and care to change it, because IT DOES NOT "have to be like this"!

The words in this song, which really touch my heart, are, "I wake and all I see is a world full of people in need. Tell me why. . .is there something I have missed. Tell me why. . .when so many need somebody we don't give a helping hand. . . Is this what my life is for - to waste in a world full of war? Tell me why. Does it have to be like this? Tell me why. Just tell me why," BECAUSE IT DOES NOT "have to be like this"! Please help set humanity free.



Will our minds and Hearts continue to die in the secret microwave bleed?
 Will they crucify me because I cried, yelled, cussed and disagreed?
Does anyone really care for what we feel and need?
Will they continue wars that crows lead?
When will humanity be set free?
What will happen to me?

 I guess time will tell.


I am still being held prisoner in a parking lot. 


Please Stop

Please stop the covert games and wars.
Please remember what freedom is for.
 Please stop. Just please stop.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Scared for Us All

   I am still stranded and the cold is difficult. But worse is the covert messaging that I am surrounded with when I go into places to use my computer. There still appears to be different groups that are trying to instruct me to do different things, usually opposing things, and I just want them to leave me alone so that I can follow my own heart more effectively. I have been experiencing heavy microwaving of my brain and attempts to abduct me while I am stranded here.
  I am still deeply concerned that the covert “rescues” are actually enslavement and that technological modes of "protection" could be a sly enslavement performed by those who may also be placing filters in detection technologies, in order to prevent detection of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. Help spread the word on this.
   I’m scared for myself and America’s Freedom and the rest of humanity. I pray that the mind control programs are not allowed to remain hidden and continuing to keep people enslaved. I pray that those of us who know do not continue being forced into enslavement or destroyed. I pray that more people realize what is happening and stand up to help end it. God help us all.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Still Stranded

   I am still stranded in a parking lot, being tortured with heavy lasering of my brain, lasering of my pubic area, painful lasering of my heart the other night. . .and am swarmed when I go into the nearby pizza place. Lately they say that it will get worse if I say anything about it. . .and this appears to be happening. I get tortured more than I used to for writing about what they are doing to me.

I understand that you are victims too
But will you kill me if I suspect you?