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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Parts of An Important Article Altered and Erased!

 The following part of my article on Tesla, and some that is still missing, was erased or moved in my books and web page:

   There is  an interesting "Death Ray" connection between Nikola Tesla's work and the research of Bernhard Schreiber in "THE MEN BEHIND HITLER - A German warning to the world."  In part of Schreiber’s book, which appears to have been erased, he had spoken of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels bragging, in 1944 - after Hitler’s Reich had fallen, about a secret weapon - a "death ray" that would lead to the "rebirth of the Reich." Quote by Schreiber; "The Nazis may have been disbanded, but the psychiatrists still linger on among us. Maybe this is the secret weapon Goebbels boasted about which would lead to the rebirth of the Reich - not a super-bomb and not a death ray, but a blueprint for a psychiatric slave state." Below is the reconstructed page.
Nicola Tesla - the Birth of a Technological Holocaust

My previous post on the "Death Ray," which I was tortured for writing. I was also tortured when I found Dr Thomas Szasz around this same time in December of 2014. Dr. Geobbels's Mystery Weapon http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/2014/12/dr-paul-joseph-geobbelss-mystery-weapon.html

 I shouldn't have to be going through these alterations to my writings. Please stop interfering with my writings.