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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Editions of Books Delayed?!

   In the past couple months I have been working on updating and posting new editions of my books, which are about the targeting, and have been running into some difficulties. Its appears that someone is intentionally delaying the new editions from being posted. I have been heavily targeted in the past couple days, delaying me from posting a link for the new edition of my "Targeted in America" book. During this time the new edition did not pop up on Amazon in the usual way and two of the old editions sold. Since my books rarely sell, this is may not be a coincidence. The new editions include my article on morgellons. Is this what they want to hide, or is it the new statements and previously erased announcements that I added to the new editions? No matter what the purpose is, I wish the manipulations and tortures would stop. These new editions, as well as the old, are to help set humanity free. I hope they are allowed to;

New edition of "Targeted in America" book   New Link on Amazon   Other Books

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