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Thursday, March 24, 2016

It Appears That my Car Was Microwaved Again

    Today my car suddenly started malfunctioning as I aimed to remove something like mold that appears to have been put in it. I was able to clean it out and then the whole electrical system went haywire.  It appears to have been nuked again! This is serious because this car is my home and all I have for myself and what little is left of my belongings. I am stranded in a parking lot again. Hopefully it is nothing serious. Am praying for a miracle.

Update 3/29;  It appears that my registration has been stolen from my car.
I am still completely stranded and it appears to be intentionally happening. They appear to be again controlling my car - deciding when it will start and how far it will go! They even zap the battery of energy if I try to use my laptop in it, forcing me to go into a public place to use the internet or write.
   I am stranded and completely at their mercy and they appear to be trying to access or steal my car.
   Today, as I try to call for help my phone is being turned off as I leave messages. Even if they allow me to take the car to a garage, and if they pretend it is fixed, like has happened many times before. . .what will happen if I get stopped before I am able to get a copy of my registration?  I’m scared.
   I’ve never felt so trapped and helpless. This feels horrible. I have no money to get anywhere and no place to go if I did. My writings have been being altered from within my computers and i don’t know if my emails are allowed to get anywhere...etc. Lately the microwaving has also vamped into levels like they were in 2006 when they were giving me lupus. Please pray for me. I’m sorry to have to ask, but please send financial help if you can. God help us all and God help America.

Please let your Heart help me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
Update; I found my registration a few weeks later. It may not have been stolen and replaced. It is possible that, in my time of distress, I had tucked it away and forgot where I put it.