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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Song Lyrics, "Aching Needs"

I wrote this song a few days ago, with an ache in my heart, which I tried to let go. Than posted it on my more personal blog, while red doors slammed in a confusing fog. Dark opinions intrude with everything I do. I'd hoped it would soothe us. . .even you.
Aching Needs
by Sharon R. Poet

Tell me again. Please tell me all will be OK.
Then show the truth in words that you say.

Tell me. Please tell me that I was wrong.
Then write it down quickly into this song.

Tell me. Please tell me it's just a past game.
Then wash it away - let truth replace shame.

Forgive me. Please forgive all I've done wrong
As I forgive you between lines in my songs.

Know it. Please know that our pain is too real.
Show it. Please show it - care for how we feel.

Be good and be solid so we can depend
And lean on new towers of invisible friends.

Show me then prove it. Please just be real.
Give our world of pain a chance to be healed.

Show me. Please show me good is much stronger.
Hold me. Please hold me. I can't wait any longer.

Say it. Please say it. No secrets no more.
Then walk it and talk it. Unlock the lost door.

Soothe them. Please soothe the tears of a clown
And let freedom reach every microwaved town.

Freedom. Let freedom replace every wave.
Stand up until its done - humanity saved.

God, reach us. Please give us the strength we need.
Then Love us. Just Love us. Burst open the seeds.

Help us to see it - that beam of pure Light
Washing the wars from these passing nights.

Shine it. Please shine into every hidden part
Until its all gone - the pain and the dark.

Reach us. God, reach us. Too wounded we are.
Rub salve on our wounds and older scars.

Patch them. Please patch holes where we bleed.
Then fill every one of our Heart's aching needs.

Copyright 1/15/2016 with all rights reserved