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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Most Discouraging Experience with the FBI

[ VIP Update September 2016; This post had contained my response to those who target me and appeared to have orchestrated a situation to make me believe that I had been hit with lethal chemicals at an FBI building. It is now clear to me that this whole situation was orchestrated to terrorize me into blaming the FBI and going to the state police instead of them.
   I had put the original post into the edition thirteen book of this blog and the book immediately sold a copy, while I was still being too heavily targeted to figure things out.  A few other similar rounds of targeting, which include the period around my getting an email from President Obama in August 2015. Please also read the next post on this situation.]

The core of the original postAround 12:00pm (noon); I went to the Bedford FBI building, which was empty but open. I left another report outside the door of the FBI offices and noticed a strange chemical odor in the lobby as I left. After this a puppet told me a story about someone who was exposed to chemicals and is now on dialysis. The fact that I had previously had a dream about having to go on dialysis, has me deeply concerned. Then there was another  threat to disable my car.