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Monday, January 18, 2016

Deprived of Lead Protection

   Through the past few days I have been being tortured every morning, shortly after I wake, with radio waves being shot into my brain. "You are going to get sicker," they said this morning. And I decided to do something more to protect my brain and aimed for what has worked before - I went to a hardware store to buy a roll of lead roof flashing to make a hat with. I was told, at the hardware store, that lead became "illegal to sell on January 1, 2015."
   I can not help but think that a hidden reason why lead has become illegal, is because it was a source of protection from radio wave targeting. A few years ago I heard that lead paint on houses prevents satellite surveillance from seeing in and that this was the real reason why it was being taken out of paints.
   Not allowing us any mode of protection feels just too horribly wrong. I should have kept the last lead hat I made, although they had tortured me horribly for using it to protect my head.

[Update; I later realized that this man had misinformed me. Why? Was it an intentional lie? I am not sure, but it looks like he was probably following orders from those who target me. I am now finding companies that sell lead. But buying it without interference may be another story. As I find them on the web I am sensing that those who target me are aiming to interfere in other ways.]

   Various things are happening, in order to
try to force me into enslavement or silence


P.S. A while ago, I a dream was projected into my brain as I was waking. It was a picture of a woman who had brown wart type things all over her skin. Since this I get a lot of covert messaging about "aging" and I am suddenly getting little bumps on my face, shoulders and neck, just like the woman in the picture they projected. When they were trying to get me to go with them, and thought they would succeed, they were doing the opposite - often sending the message, "Forever young." I guess this was supposed to entice me into a willing abduction. It appears that a lot can be done to our bodies with microwaves. What a horrible shame that these technologies are in the hands of those who aim to harm and control.
   My pictures are still being deleted from my computers and the quality of some of the ones I have on the web appear to have severely diminished.