My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Scary Situation

   This morning I parked outside a McDonalds to use the bathroom and a crude man jumped out of a car that parked next to me. In short, he swore and cussed and yelled at me. He was obviously a puppet for those who target me. I do not remember most of what he said. A part of me shut down, because he was so obnoxious and threatening. But another part of me refused to let him see my fear. I was surprised that I even calmly opened my door when he leaped out of his car, as if to head for mine, while raging something like, "I am going to bash your brains out!"
   Luckily he did not act on it, but kept yelling obscene things as he climbed back into his car and his partner drove away. I would not want to write the names he called me. And all I had said to him was, "Please watch your language," and then as he cussed at me I said, "I hope you find your heart," a few times. Now, over eight hours later and after I pulled my focus away from writing the previous post, I am starting to feel more shaken by it.
     I have experienced the most obnoxious, rude, crude things from puppets in the past couple years. There are only a couple other times in my life when I've been spoken to with such vulgarity. Its hard to have to deal with, not just the threats, but also the personalities that I would normally not let myself be subjected to. But, in my situation, I have no choice. I need the technological tortures and interference, as well as the covert threats and harassment to stop, but hasn't. And the only way out, they say, is to leave my life and join them and I can not do that.


P.S. I think this experience was actually a covert threat to technologically damage my brain. This is nothing new. I have lived under the threat of brain damage for a long time. And I am reminded of it almost every single day, as radio waves interfere with my brain and especially during those times when it inflicts torturous pain. . .like what just started the day after I posted this - at 6:09 pm on Feb 1, 2016. I've also gotten threats to technologically make me blind, induce kidney failure, cripple me, induce cancer...etc.