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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Call for Compassionate Understanding

      I have probably misperceived more of the covert stuff than I now realize. I think that there have been times when I saw good as bad and visa versa. Instincts do not work well when we are overwhelmed, when our brains are being microwaved and when too much is hidden behind covert veils. I hope to fix and further explain my blog writings. I wish I could fix it all now, but I do not yet have the freedom, or all of the understanding that I'd need, in order to do it honestly and effectively.
    In the early stages of realizing the full scope of the targeting its too easy to perceive everyone who behaves unusually or rude as a "perp." Breaking free from this mind set is difficult, because it is part of the brainwashings to push us into blaming our loved ones and the government and innocent people who are being set up. I feel that most of them are victims too - that they are often either brainwashed against us or are completely enslaved into the covert program that targets us. I had perceived many mind control victims as perps before I started realizing that they are merely puppets who are being used by the real perpetrators who hide in the shadows of their operation. But its often too difficult to distinguish between the two, while being heavily targeted. This is one of the reasons why I ask for people to excuse things that my fear and ignorance has put into some of my writings.
    The blame thing is a horrible catch 22. There is a difference between placing blame and holding people responsible for their actions, but where do we draw the line of responsibility with mind control victims who think they are doing the right things or think they are following something that is good? And how do we draw that line without falling into the dark plan for us to be pitted against each other, instead of protecting, comforting and Loving each other? How do we effectively deal with this until humanity is free to think and feel and care?
    Although in the bigger picture puppets are often victims too, in the smaller picture they can be a danger to those of us who are heavily Targeted Individuals. (This does not apply to those who intentionally perform criminal acts. It applies to those who are unaware mind control victims or deceived members of a dark covert program that they think is good...etc.)
   Anyone who has been brainwashed into thinking that we are mentally ill or are criminals or are terrorists or are evil...etc., can be a danger to us, especially if they are in a position of authority that can have us institutionalized or incarcerated. This creates a horrible situation for those of us who are being heavily targeted. In my heart I sense the good in my family and America and the rest of the world, but I also know that when its not protected, or not standing in the light and fully aware, it can be taken over by the dark forces that target us all. The technological and pharmaceutical enslavement of humanity is truly a holocaustal situation. Its horribly sad for EVERYONE concerned, especially for those of us who are being physically and psychologically tortured and have not received the understanding, compassion and protection that is desperately needed.
   It can be difficult, for those of us who are being heavily targeted, to try to understand and feel compassion for loved ones who are brainwashed against us, or government agencies that have not been able to be here for us in the ways we have needed, but we must if this hell, and its covert wars that pit people against each other, are ever going to end.
   Until the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and the covert program that enslaves and uses unaware victims, have been completely exposed and stopped, and people have a chance to understand and leave it and return to their Hearts, extreme care and open mindedness must be exercised. And the normal process of excusing and forgiving must be expanded. They are not all "perps." Many are unaware mind control victims who are just being used by the real perpetrators.

 God help us all.

P.S. I have been concerned about my writings and hope that they do not offend good people who could eventually be here for us in the ways that are desperately needed. My heart keeps assuring me that they will understand and I hope it is right.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Drum Making Work Shops Sabotaged

   All aspects of my life's work have been sabotaged in various ways. And, every now and then, I remember confusing chains of events that I now believe were part of the targeting. The most recent realization was the chains of events that happened while I taught Drum Making Workshops in the mid 1990s.
   Drum making and teaching is something I had felt very drawn to do and it also provided a source of income.  But odd things happened from the start of my decision to teach the workshops. At the time I was baffled and couldn't understand why I was having so much "bad luck." But I now believe that it was all part of the targeting, which aimed to sabotage my work.
   After one of my first workshops people complained that they felt completely drained of energy while doing the workshop at my home. (I now believe that they were technologically targeted - their energy drained with microwave weapons.)  Then I went to teach a workshop that was hosted by the neighbor of a friend and, while we were making our drums, their dog suddenly became vicious and killed a kitten in front of us. This was horrible for everyone, especially for the owner of the dog and kitten who was shocked and kept saying that she didn't understand, because they had gotten along fine and the dog was gentle. (I now believe that the dog's brain was remotely technologically interfered with.)  Then I was invited to Nantucket to teach a workshop at a Nature Center. While we took a break for lunch, a fire broke out in the circle we had been sitting in and destroyed one person's drum and left a burn mark in a wooden deck. (I can no longer believe that this happened all by itself.)
   These sorts of things happening, especially around spiritually minded people, made me look bad. After these episodes a man, whom I now know was a puppet for those who target me, kept calling me and wanting me to teach him how to make drums so that he could teach the workshops in the area I had just moved to. He was really pushy and very obviously moving in to take over my work and even wanted me to help him do it. I let it go, but not because I wanted to - because I was losing business, and my reputation, due to the disasters that were happening at my workshops. The pushy man was just the last straw.

   There were also a few stores that carried my drums, like with my Poetography Prints. I loved drum making and I loved teaching it. In my classes I encouraged prayer and meditation, the Native American tradition of thanking the spirit of the animals and a healing, spiritual focus while building the drums. It came natural to me. And I feel that I would have done well with it, as a side business, if it had not been sabotaged by those who target me.

Technological Harassment - Unnatural Muscle Spasms

    I have experienced this in many ways...from what feels like the lasering of facial tendons or muscles or nerves to painful spasms in my toes. The odd thing with my toes is that it often happened in the early 1980s when I was snuggling on the couch with my newly wed husband. The pain would cause me to jump up and put pressure on my feet and/or grab my toes and hold them tight. My husband thought it was odd. I showed it to him once - I held my foot up and bore the pain for as long as I could while some of my toes moved in an unnatural direction to the point of almost bending completely sideways and pushing against the others. It felt like they were going to break. At the time we both just thought it was odd. There was no medical explanation for it. I now believe that it was technologically induced, through remote lasering of tendons nerves or muscles, and was probably performed to interfere with my being held and comforted.
   Lately, my right leg has often been lasered. The other night my upper lip did something weird just before the laser weapon moved to my foot and then my pubic area during an obvious episode of technological harassment as I tried to go to sleep.
   These sorts of tortures and harassment, as well as others, have been ongoing for me as well as others whom I know have been targeted. I know a target who suddenly started being kept awake with painful muscle spasms in his legs during the night, in the 1970s. It was called a "charlie horse" but I now think it was mostly, if not completely technologically induced, in order to torture him and deprive him of sleep.

Forced to Erase Evidence From Phone

   I recently experienced yet another episode of my phone not being allowed to store messages, due to claims of it being full although it was not full. This sees to be a way to force me to erase stored messages, which could be used as evidence of the targeting. I've lost a lot of messages this way. If I do not erase them so that others can be stored, I am forced to answer every phone call, which is not good for me, due to the levels of harassment calls I have gotten. I have experienced the same things with pictures stored on my phone. I have often gotten a message that the memory is full when I try to take a picture of stalkers. . .or after I already have, in order to make me erase some of them. The same thing happens with text messages.

The Mutilation of Facial Character

   Since they started another vengeance and started putting out the message “aging” on license plates and through puppets…etc., I am experiencing a sudden change in my shin and unusual signs of aging.

   Natural wrinkles do not bother me and are not an issue of mine. I have not had the common concerns about aging, which I feel have become destructive to much of humanity. HOWEVER, what they have done to me bothers me, because it is very important to me to age naturally. What they have been doing to my skin and face, AFTER threatening to, is not natural and is changing the way I look.   
   I want to age naturally and hold onto my natural character lines…etc., and I should be allowed to.
I have always felt that the types of wrinkles, which a person naturally accumulates as they age, reflects personal character. . . .and that surgical alterations of the natural process of facial aging defaces a person's character. And when it is done without permission it is a intrusive mutilation of facial character that just should not be happening to anyone.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Car - My Home - My Safety

  Looks like they are again trying to sabotage my car and force me into a worse environment without a vehicle to be able to leave with!!!!  I hope I am wrong and this is not another episode of that. If not, I hope that they do not succeed. I need the car until I can replace it. And I do not want to be trapped in any place that I do not feel comfortable with. Actually I do not want to be trapped anywhere. Please stop disabling my vehicle.

Friday, December 16, 2016

New Introduction Book

[ Update Jan 20, 2017; The more complete version of this book; https://www.amazon.com/Ramblings-Targeted-Individual-Sharon-Rose/dp/1542674182/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485181606&sr=8-1&keywords=ramblings+of+a+targeted+individual 

   This is more complete than the previous "Introduction" book. It is a partially edited version of old editions, plus new updates, that are not in the others. All of the many editions of this  book have been aims for me (a Targeted Individual) to expose technological and pharmaceutical mind control, covert harassment...etc., and get help for all of us. It is  a good example of what a Targeted Individual goes through in the process of carrying the immense burden of trying to prove and expose technological and covert targetings...etc., while still being targeted. Please read this book with your Heart, excuse mistakes, and do all that you can to help stop all levels of the targeting of humanity.
  Doing these writings while being harassed, and sometimes threatened and tortured for doing so, has been an immense challenge to say the least. Older, more original posts are in the edition numbers one through four and ten through fourteen. Editions five through nine were too severely edited and interfered with. I am deeply sorry for the confusion around these multitudes of editions of this book. It has been a hell of a process to just try to fix and preserve my writings while being targeted and working on infiltrated computers. I came to the conclusion that it can not be effectively done until I have the freedom to gain more understanding and use my heart to fix and explain old original posts, which contain many of my own mistakes as well as those imposed by those who target me, which is why I've decided to the Introduction, until I can pull it all together and make it better in one final edition.
    The blog part of this book is basically the same as what is left on the web, as of January 20, 2017, and is to preserve what is left of it until I am free to use my heart in a final edition that hopes be explained far better than this and previous ones.  I hope that, even in this sad state, it will help all of us to regain our Freedom. Download the pdf ; http://www.poeticpublications.com/bookramintro2.pdf  ]

P.S. When I first posted this book; In the description of this book the word "not" was erased from the part which states that it "includes updates that are not in the others."  I caught the change and put the word back in but the fix was not transferred until I exposed it here. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, because it is important for people to know that this book contains new material that is best read before the other available editions.

P.S.S. (Update Jan 10 2017) I have been trying to ad more to this book and am being blocked in a public library computer. They appear to have also corrupted the file I had saved with this book in it.

 Previously posted Introduction book; www.poeticpublications.com/bookramintro.pdf  and on Amazon' http://www.poeticpublications.com/bookramintro.pdf   and at; https://www.amazon.com/dp/1541097866/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481900525&sr=8-1&keywords=Ramblings+of+a+Targeted+Individual

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Microwave Targeting Can Interfere With the Natural Aging Process

  The "aging" thing that they threatened appears to be happening through microwave targeting of my body in the past year or so, especially my skin.  Prior to this swing into making me look older they appeared to be doing the opposite - somehow slowing down the aging process. "Forever young" was the song they kept playing during this time. It seemed to be a ploy to lure me into enslavement where they claimed that they could keep me looking young. I refused to bite and told them that I do not mind aging. . .and then they swung into a projected dream, which showed spots all over a woman's skin and puppet license plates that portrayed "aging." This has been happening to me since then. It feels horrible that they can also technologically interfere with the way I look.

 I don't mind aging, but I want it to happen
naturally and not through technological targeting


P.S.S. Lot of heavy microwaving of my brain...etc., lately! Feel like my brain is clamped in a prison when it gets this bad. I feel numb. Aside from that I feel tired and discouraged and overwhelmed. Some days are better than others and some days are worse. Its a hell of a roller coaster ride, literally!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

From the Heart of My Frustration

   There are a few things that I want to make very clear to everyone who has been questioning or assuming things. Please excuse possible bloops in this. I'm upset and am letting my tears and frustrations pound the computer keys.

1. I do not believe in the covert rescue and do not want it for myself, because I feel that it leads to enslavement. I feel that many who think they are free and safe are not really and will not find out until it is too late if things keep going the way they have been through the past few decades. So, please stop trying to force me into enslavement.

2. Regardless of what is in my infiltrated ramblings, which I have not had the freedom and information to properly fix, I do not want to go up against any level of my American government. . .no matter what has happened to me. I don't.
   When I look at the bigger picture I see that America, and all of its agencies and families and citizens, have been being targeted with aims for other forces to take over our country as well as the rest of humanity. They are victims too, especially of the technological mind control. And I cannot help but to feel for all of us and pray for freedom to be fully and honestly restored to all of America as well as the rest of humanity.
   When I look at the smaller picture I feel scared and hurt and frustrated that any of this is even happening, especially when I look at the lives that have been being destroyed while nobody acknowledges the targeting, especially the technological parts and the enslavement. I have a right to these feelings. It all hurts indescribably. Some of us (myself included) have been suffering through such grossly inhumane levels of covert and technological targeting that we cannot really want anything but for the hell to end as quickly as possibleI keep praying that it is getting better instead worse and have been waiting for clear, non-covert evidence of this. I am still waiting.
   More than anything I want America to fully and honestly stand up and regain its freedom, but sometimes I feel selfish when I put so much of my prayers into this, because there are other people and countries that have been being hurt and infiltrated and taken over as well. I feel for them too. This does not mean that I am against America or that I am a "globalist." I'm not. I actually have a deep and firm belief in the importance of countries and people retaining their independence, freedom and individuality. And sensing that America, and all that it has stood for, has been crumbling in the secret shadows of technoogical mind control infiltrations is the most excruciating thing that I have ever felt. I, as well as many people whom I love, have been being hurt or destroyed or enslaved by the horrible holocaustal targetings. God help America. . .and the rest of humanity. Until world peace is gained no country is completely safe and free. I pray for that peace and for our freedom to quickly be attained. I wish that all aware and uncontrolled American and foreign forces would unite in aims to free America, as well as the rest of humanity, from all levels of covert targeting, especially the technological and pharmaceutical mind control.

3. I am deeply sorry for all mistakes and misunderstandings that are portrayed in my blog writings, including the alterations performed by those who target me. Its been a horrible battle to just TRY to preserve what is left of my writings so that I can later fix them. I have come to the conclusion that it cannot be effectively done on infiltrated computers in public places where I have often experienced covert harassment and radio waves interfering with the function of my brain. I have also not yet received clear and direct honest answers to questions that could help clarify many things. My writings are not always "politically correct," or even the way that I would naturally write them, because of the nature of the targeting and its effects on me and my writings. So, I beg you all to understand and excuse me and my writings until I can make them better.

4. The threat of being shoved into enslavement or framed appears to have again vamped up since I was told that my uncle died and since I finished the new "Introduction" to my Rambling of a Targeted Individual books, which aims to preserve newer posts. But perhaps this is a coincidence. I do go through a lot of rounds of this.

P.S. This blog is suddenly not sending copies of this post to my email address when I first posted it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


   Heavier levels of technological torture since yesterday. Severe this morning. Last night I had a dream about people blaming me for what those who target us do - something about the heat being turned up and me being blamed and shoved out. This could mean several different things and I am too overwhelmed to give it much thought. It was probably a projected dream since it matched last nights puppet messages which ended in demands for me to leave - to disappear - to "go home."

   I am scared and hurting on every level. Yesterday I tried disassociating with making Holiday cards. But it did not work very well. Last night and today I am getting another round of threats to disable my car and force me into a "covert rescue" - enslavement.


That lethal "home" is NOT my Home! I still pray for good people to stand up and set humanity free. My written stand is not a very efficient one, due to being targeted through it, and being in the process of figuring it all out...etc., but it’s a stand that I aim to stick with and make even better when I have the freedom to completely follow only my own heart without interference.


P.S. I erased the video I put here when I realized that it ended in violence. I believe that this technological holocaust can and should end without violence and with criminal use of all radio wave technologies...etc., stopped - humanity set free.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Death of a Loved One

   Today I learned that my Uncle's body died last week. The fact that he is now dead, and was old, could easily be seen as a coincidence, but it may not be. There are a few things that make me wonder if it was connected to the targeting, though he was old. I wish I'd had a chance to say good-bye to him. More than that, I wish I could have helped him.
   I deeply feel for my father who was really close to his brother - my uncle. And it breaks my heart to not be able to be there for him without concerns about the targeting vamping up on him if I go to see him. The targeting keeping walls between me, and people whom I love, is just too excruciating. I was going to go see my uncle, and had sent him some info on the targeting a few years ago, when I was trying to help family members realize the targeting. But they didn't believe me and I never made it down there.

 On Tuesday, March 25, 2014 I wrote on this blog; "I am also getting what appears to be threats against my family, particularly my uncle JR and my father. My uncle was admitted into the hospital as these threats came in. Please help and pray and do all you can to expose this for all of humanity. Please." http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/2014/03/im-being-hit-really-hard.html.
   I had hoped that it would stop the targeting or at least help relatives pull together to stand up against it. But this didn't happen then either. I am praying for all of us to be set free from the chains of mind control and other destructive targetings that prevent belief of the truths, that aims to keep targeted family members hurting and separate and even uses some to help isolate and hurt heavy targets like me.

   My Uncle held a special place in my heart and, around my grief, I wrote this poem about my memories of my Uncle's visits with my father, back when we were all together.

Like Two Peas in a Pod

I remember, like it was yesterday,
Though it seems like many lifetimes,
The two of them talking and laughing.
It was like old poetry set in rhymes.
I loved those two little peas in a pod,
  Pumping out one story after another.
  I enjoyed being a silent witness to
That Love between two brothers.

I was already missing them before his body died

P.S. Since I posted this the technological torture has vamped up. My tears have stopped welling. I now just feel numbed by the physical pain and discomfort. After I wrote this in a library a puppet said, "OK. Well. No drama." But I want and need to feel my natural feelings. And they have no right to interfere. What they call "drama" can actually be healing. "Drama" is just another dysfunctional way to stifle the feelings we were born to feel. God help us to be set free.

P.S.S. I wrote the two poems below on December third - the day after my uncle's body died. Around the time when he was dieing my car and phone were again disabled and, after I got out of that rut, I became angry about people's lives being destroyed while they are playing cruel games with me and trying to force me into enslavement. I think a part of me knew that something bad was happening - that another life was being destroyed. I had even put up a post about this that I later erased due to it being written with so much anger. . .and due to my not wanting good people to feel bad or think that I blame them. I know that genuinely good people would be here for us if they could and would take no part in the destruction of our lives.

Confusion's Pain
Confusion grows
From days gone by
As pain pierces
Tears un-cried.
Oh God, help us
To be set free.
Help all Hearts
To open and see.

Webs of Deceit
Twisted tangled webs
Of lies and deceit
Slither from behind
Tortures they repeat.
Souls stumble and fall -
Unwillingly enslaved.
Until its finally over -
Humanity saved.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Unnatural Diabetes?

   I see news reports about an increase in diabetes in children and other types of debilitating illnesses in both adults and children. . .and I feel deeply concerned, because I believe that technological (radio wave) targeting can cause such illnesses, and that medical and pharmaceutical fields can make astronomical amounts of money from the suffering that can be technologically inflicted.

I wonder why, although I know,
And wait for Hearts to care to show.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Disabling of my Phone and Vehicle and. . .

[ Update; I have erased most of this post and the one that followed it. I do not want to use this blog as a detailed report. I'm scared. And I am concerned that the dark forces seem to be sometimes manipulating events so that I will write about them. I do not want to be used this way. And I am too distressed to figure it all out and be 100% sure of who is doing what and why n the crazy covert stuff. I hope that it will all soon be clear. ] 

   On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving a puppet told me that I should "go home for Thanksgiving." (The 'home' they talk of is the covert rescue, which I feel leads to complete enslavement.) during the end of the next day ( the 23rd of November, 2016) my phone and car were disabled leaving me trapped. This was followed by two attempts to have my car towed before I had a chance to re-charge my phone and call for help, and what appeared to be an attempt to drug and abduct me. Then my car and its contents were at their mercy for two days after that. This felt like a seriously threatening situation, which left me trapped and cold and scared.
   I have been through too many of these types of situations, most of which I have not written about. And I have felt deeply hurt by all of them. The hell that has been inflicted, under the guise of "help," is often the most difficult and painful and confusing. And I want it to stop.

P.S.S. About a week later I learned that my Uncle was dieing during the time when they were terrorizing me through disabling my phone and car and leaving me trapped and stranded for four days. This has been a common pattern in the targeting - vamp ups against me during times when I could be sensing something happening to a loved one.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Mistakes Are Many

   I think that most, if not all, who have realized this holocaustal crisis, and have tried to expose and/or stop it, have made mistakes in the process of figuring it all out and expose it, especially when being targeted in the process. How can anyone know how to effectively deal with such a confusing, cryptic mess?  Please forgive me.

   Like I have said before, I have made many mistakes as I struggle to figure out and expose the targeting while still being targeted. Aside from the interference and alterations by those who target me, there are probably a lot of mistakes of my own that I do not yet realize. I hope that those who read this blog and its first several books, (which contained more) will excuse my mistakes and realize that my writings have also been interfered with by those who target me. I hope I will someday have the freedom to fix them and make it all more clear.  Until then, please read with your Heart and do not judge me or anyone based on what is in this blog and its books. Please just let it help you to realize what is happening and do your own research and help to bring it to a peaceful end.

Like I have repeatedly stated; I can not perfect my writings on infiltrated computers and while I am being harassed and technologically targeted. I'd need GENUINE help, with protection from all levels of the targeting and honest answers to a lot of questions that I have time to process, in order for me to accomplishing that. 

   It breaks my heart each time I realize that I have not yet had the freedom to fully follow my heart with any of my writings. :-(

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election

      I have felt deeply concerned that too many of us do not have the freedom, to fully follow our Hearts in the voting process, due to technological and pharmaceutical mind control. I hope for the Heart of America to rise into a strong and peaceful stand for Freedom from all that harms us and holds us back from following our own Hearts and being all that we were born to be.

 God Help America to Regain its Freedom

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I am in desperate need of protection from further harm and distress

   I am in desperate need of protection from all levels of the targeting. I beg all who are aware of the targeting, and do not take part in it, to find the heart and the courage to come stand with me. . .openly and honestly. . .for all our sakes.
   In the past couple days I have experienced vamp ups in the targeting and another death threat.  This is nothing new and I have experienced worse. But its been happening for too long and I am still being held in a state of destitution...etc. Please help me.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Love for my Daughters

   My greatest pain, in all the targeting, has been knowing that my daughters are being technologically targeted and that there has been nothing I can do to stop it, especially since those who target us had convinced them that none of this is really happening and that its all in my head. The Truth is that we have all been surrounded by perpetration puppets as well as being technologically targeted. My daughters, as well as other targeted loved ones, have been my primary motivation for exposing the targeting. . .so that we can all get the proper kinds of help and protection from further harm.
Since 2011, I have tried to stay away from my daughters, only sending an occasional "I love you" in text messages, with the hope that they would not be targeted more heavily for being close to me, because this seemed to have been happening through many years. But I fear that this may not have made much of a difference. And it hurts indescribably to know that they are being hurt. This is my greatest pain. . .along with knowing that they have both unwittingly brought children into our targeted family.
   Last year someone told me that my youngest daughter's child is "completely mechanical" and does not behave like other children. Last year I also had a vision of that daughter's brain being hurt/damaged. And then my oldest daughter had a set of twins! I have been in a deeper state of grief since then. Knowing what can be done to psychologically harm or even mentally destroy a child in targeted families has had me terrified for all of us.
   One of the things that had been erased, and then also moved, in my 2012 writings on this blog, was my statement on how my youngest daughter was born with a minor heart defect and four breasts in the early 1980s. (I have read reports which stated that microwave targeting of a pregnant woman can cause things like heart defects in the child.) I believe that my oldest daughter's brain had been lasered so severely, in the late 1990s, that it caused un-explainable neurological symptoms which severely affected her speech and motor skills...etc. Both of my daughters are mind control victims and this has been evident in many ways.
   In some of my writings I had begged for help for all of us. There have been times when I felt angry that help has not yet arrived, which is evident in some of my writings. I am sorry for this. Since I've more deeply realized the scope of this crisis I do not want to blame anyone who surely would care to help if they could. I understand that, there are many who are struggling, many who have been being hurt and even some who have been brain damaged...etc. My daughters and I are like little grains of sand in a giant dessert of technological warfare. But we matter to each other and we have all been deprived of the love that we need from each other. And I am still praying for us to receive protection from further harm and a chance to recover and regain our freedom. I often pray for this for all of humanity. God help us all to be totally set free.
   I had written a post about "Leaving Doors open in my heart. . ." for my youngest daughter, around the time when she gave birth to her son in 2013. (I also wrote posts about how they did not allow me to even have an uninterrupted/unsabotaged visit with her after what seemed to me like an episode of them using her son's birth as a way to torture her...etc.!) It appears that least some of these posts had been altered. I have not had a chance to freely check them all. But the above mentioned post had been erased and filled with a statement that seemed to be from part of an old testimony. It was also hidden from public view. Why? Perhaps to deprive my children of my love even. I hope they still know, in their Hearts, how much I love them.

P.S. I believe that the technological targeting can be easily proven - that there are medical tests that can detect micro chips and the brain and cell structure damage that is being inflicted upon heavily targeted people like my daughters and I. There are also ways to detect the technological targeting. But it would all have to be done honestly. And it is my experience that the field of medicine is more corrupt than anything else is. I am being lasered in my heart - heart attack symptoms, as I started writing this post.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I am in desperate need of protection

   I can not effectively report and deal with the targeting while being targeted. I am in desperate need of protection from all levels of the targeting. I beg all who are aware of the targeting, and do not take part in it, to find the heart and the courage to come stand with me. . .openly and honestly. . .for all our sakes.

Please read this site for more info

Statement About This Blog

   I have caught many alterations being done to my writings on this blog and my gut feeling is that I have not nearly caught them all. I have been putting the posts into books, but have even experienced infiltrations into them and my publishing site.

[Update; I have been putting a lot of the blog into drafts that are not shared, until I can figure things out and decide what to do. ]

    The sabotaging of my blog posts have happened in many ways and appear to be for multiple reasons.  Some of it appears to be to hide the targeting through erasing key things. Some of it appears to be to confuse my readers, through altering words and sentences in the first paragraphs of important statements. Some of it appears to be aims to plagiarize, which is evident in the erasing of things like poems and pictures from this site as well as my computers. Some of it appears to be manipulations in the targeting, which places blame in the wrong directions if I even just write about what they are doing to me. Some of it appears to be the altering of things just to make me look bad or crazy. Some of it appears to be the erasing of certain things that would make it look like someone else erased it. I have caught many places where they have plugged in things or moved phrases from one post to the other. Its amazing how the altering or erasing of just one word or sentence can change the meaning of a whole paragraph. I have made my own mistakes as I stumbled through periods of being too heavily targeted to function well, especially during those times when I was too traumatized or drugged to bypass the mind control and information they were feeding me in my initial years of trying to figure it all out.
   Between their manipulations and my microwaved ramblings there have been a lot of mistakes. I feel like I have been beating my head against a wall trying to fix them and keep this blog functional enough to help expose the targeting that is hurting so many of us. I am doing the best I can. I have been trying to fix the parts that were infiltrated or are outdated or could have been misinformation or misperceptions and things that may be too confusing or repetitive...etc. But this is impossible to fully do while being forced to use infiltrated public computers where I am often also being harassed. And there are many things that I am not sure about. Those who are targeting me seem to want me to either leave it with their manipulations in it or erase it and pretend that it never existed. I want to fix it, but do not yet have the freedom to do it justice.  Perhaps someday, I will be free to do a better job with it  and putting it. Until then, please read with your Heart and please do not judge me or anyone else based on what is on this blog.

       Please keep in mind that this blog is not a full legal report of the targeting. There are periods when I tried to use it for this, but the alterations make that sort of thing impossible. I have more solid accounts of my experiences if the need for them should ever arise. But I store them in the car I live in and am vulnerable to infiltrations into that, which has also happened. I hope to be able to retain what is left of my personal writings even if just for my own personal use. The core of my personal testimony can be found in my "Yearn for Freedom" and "Targeted in America" books

   This situation with the sabotaging of my writings has also happened in my work - my earlier writings on www.poeticpublications.com. It all feels horrible to me. My work and my life have been being sabotaged and there seems to be nothing I can do about it at this point. It hurts indescribably. It feels like my hands, my heart, my mind, my life are being held in a prison. And I am just one example of the types of things that have been happening to many. We all need our freedom restored. America needs its freedom restored. Humanity needs its freedom restored. And I hope we live to experience the joy of that precious freedom so that we can be all that we were meant to be. God help us all.

P.S. I can not effectively report and deal with the targeting while being targeted. I am in desperate need of protection from all levels of the targeting. I received another death threat while posting this.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I Deeply Cried Yesterday

   Yesterday, as I thought about the scope of the targeting and the ranges of feelings I have felt and been tortured for, (from anger to heartfelt objectivity and concern for all) I deeply cried and silently wrote out my pain in my car. This was the first time, in YEARS, that I was able to do this to this depth and not technologically tortured for grieving or technologically prevented from feeling my sadness, which was surprising, although I only cried for a few minutes. But then they parked a puppet car next to me to keep slamming doors as if it is not OK.
   I have been feeling so hurt I can't always hold it in. The suffering I have been experiencing, the lives that I have witnessed being destroyed and the state of our country and world is all more excruciating than words can even begin to imagine. The pain is sometimes unbearable. I need to be able to freely feel and heal and not be hurt or badgered for it. This is what my life's work is about. But I have not had that freedom to do this part of it. I now realize that, even back when I thought I had privacy and freedom, I didn't really.

It’s OK to feel angry and it’s OK to feel sad. We were born with these feelings so that we'd use them in positive ways that can help us to heal and grow and into all that we were born to be. 

  My anger has helped me to have the strength and courage to keep standing up while I am being threatened and tortured for doing so. And my sadness, when I am able to deeply grieve without being tortured for it, would help me release the pain that has been building in my heart. But I would also need freedom and privacy for this to happen effectively. I feel like I'd need to grieve for at least a few months in order to recover.

P.S. This is about natural feelings. Most of my anger has actually been technologically induced and would not exist on its own and if I were free to release my pain in private without being tortured or harassed for it. By nature my own anger usually quickly turns to sadness and a releasing of my pain through crying.

The Sexual Violations Are Hard to Bear

   Aside from the other types of technological targeting I have experienced laser weapon attacks, through the past few decades, that are obviously mostly just to irritate and cause discomfort through tingling and itching sensations. These have primarily focused on my nose, ears, pubic area and my hard to reach shoulder blades.
   But in the past three years or so I have been being sexually violated with laser weapons as well as what appears to be an infliction of some sort of parasite that crawls beneath my skin in my pubic area nearly every single day. Its probably some sort of African type worm that is aggravated by microwaves shot into that area at strategic times. . .especially during the times (like yesterday and today) when they have puppets chasing me around with their children. I was up half the night last night. . .being sexually violated with no way to avoid it or stop it from happening. This happens almost every night as I try to go to sleep. Though not always for as long it still happens.  Though they seem to try to cover up the laser weapon attacks with parasite attacks a lot is still done with weapons that instantly inflict bleeding sores like burn marks and cuts and a painful burning sensation after I scratch. Sometimes they have puppets yell at me or blare vehicle horns for scratching the itch, as if I am the one who is doing something wrong. They also often have puppets walk by me grabbing their groin.
   This past summer a laser was used to cut open my pants on the inner side of my thigh, which exposed me. (This could only have been done through a satellite, due to my position.) Then they had a puppet park next to me and loudly say, "I saw that." There are many times when they have lasered my breasts, including through the past few days. . .and since I said something about it they are threatening to give me breast cancer. This seems to be a common pattern in the targeting - inflicting something else to make it look like its not being done with laser weapons. (The cancers can be inflicted with microwaves as well.) Those who try to frame me as a pedophile are obviously the ones who are perverts. I have never touched a child and it is not something I would have ever done. I am the one who has been being sexually assaulted.
   When they do these rounds of sending puppets with children around me everywhere I go, while sexually assaulting me in more severe ways, I have often thought that they are trying to frame me, in order to dishonor me, because this has obviously been happening. But they sometimes obviously want to make me think that they already have framed me and are using it to try to terrorize/force me into the covert rescue/enslavement.  Over and over again they have attacked me and then swarmed me with puppets trying to "rescue" me. Watching these patterns for so long is one of the things that has proven to me that the covert "rescue" is performed by the very same people who do the targeting and that it leads to enslavement. I also had a dream which forewarned of this scenario.

    Technologies are not the only things they have used to sexually assault me. I have been VERY obviously drugged and raped by perpetration/pervert puppets on at least three occasions. The first time was in 2005, right after my Alstead, NH neighborhood was wiped out in a suspicious flash flood. The second time was in 2008/2009 winter as I drove across the USA with a perverted truck driving trainer. I reported both if these incidents, but the targeting vamped up. The third rape was in 2012 in Vermont while I was at the last job they shoved me toward. By this time I knew that reporting it would just hurt me more, especially since I had fully realized it too late and had no proof.I also believe that my children and I were being assaulted in our own home - drugged...etc., while sleeping in the 1990s.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I am Deeply Sorry

    I have tried, on several occasions, to edit this blog. But ongoing infiltration into the computers I use and alterations to my writings are still preventing this. Interference also happens through the lasering of my brain. I can not fix all of their alterations and my own mistakes while alterations are still being done and I am still being targeted. Those who target me seem to want me to just wipe it all out. But I can not do that either. So, I want to again apologize for the dysfunctional posts. Please read with your Heart and look past them until I have the freedom I need, in order to fix them.
   I am deeply sorry that my writings have been such a target and that I have been shoved into a place where I do not even have an uninfiltrated computer to use. I pray that this changes soon.

Jolted Awake With a Painful Laser Shot to my Head

   This morning I was jolted awake with painful laser shot to my head as I had a projected dreams about my noticing a professional man's head being lasered. (This is not nearly the first time this sort of thing has happened.) The pain continued and I am now also being lasered in the neck for sharing thise and the previous post.

Found More Chages to my Writings

    I tried pulling together another book of this blog while doing better edits, until I found this post ("The Bad Uses the Unaware Good") completely erased as well as this post ("After Turning up the Thermostats") replaced with something entirely different. The date or location of key posts may have also been changed.   I am at my wits end with this process of trying to fix my writings on public computers that are infiltrated. I know that they need fixing, but how can I fix them while those who target me are still altering them?!! Obviously I can't.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Back and Forth and Up and Down

There are many times when the technological targeting has suddenly backed off at strategic times. . .and I have wondered if its to prevent detection or hide the fact that I am being targeted. At other times the opposite happens - my brain is lasered at strategic times to make me forget or look crazy...etc.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Eagle Fly but Don't Fly Away"

A beautiful song through a beautiful voice, which was once dedicated to me, but it now reminds me of America and the Freedom it needs, in order to be all that it was meant to be for us as well as the rest of humanity.  Tears well up as I listen to it. "How could we be so blind not to see that She is hurting too, just as we."


God Help America

Friday, October 21, 2016

Technological Mind Control Should be the Easiest Part of the Targeting to Detect

   The details of the microwave/radio wave detection, which were in the article linked below, appear to have been changed but the core of it is still there and it proves that the technological targeting can easily be detected; "Thousands of Americans believe they are targeted by mind control technologies. At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists. This was until we were able to break through the encoding within some mobile communications devices, signals we will refer to as “sub-carriers” for lack of a better term." http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/24/venturas-brain-invaders/

   I'd like to also re-share previous statements, which reported a suspicion that future detection technologies could have a filter built in, which prevented the detection of low frequencies that are used for mind control. This was in the UK but it is not unreasonable to think that it could happen globally as well. http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html

  It appears that the technological part of the targeting CAN be detected and proven with unfiltered detection technologies. And I pray for this to happen, so that it can not slyly continue controlling and damaging people.

   I beg government and military officials, around the globe, to do everything in their power to stop criminal use of all ground and space based radio wave technologies as well as the pharmaceutical targeting, which aids the mind control part of it, ASAP.

P.S. I experienced painful torture levels of microwaves being shot into by brain through the days that posted and edited this.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Another Alteration Found in My Writings

    I am deeply concerned about what is being done to my writings. I just realized that the post I wrote about getting an email from President Obama was not only moved to a different date but also altered! :-(   http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/2015/08/an-email-from-obama.html.
  I do not know what else has been changed. But just my having to post the fact that they alter some of my writings discredits all of them to some to some degree! This feels horrible, no matter what their motive is, especially since writing has been a large part of my work. I hope they do not succeed with any more manipulations of my writings, but I have no way of securing them since computers I use tend to be infiltrated. I pray for the freedom to do my work without any sort of interference, invasions and alterations.

     Also, one of the last special editions of my "Heart Bud" paper (printed in 2014) was altered in ways that made it look like I am blaming the government; Part of a quote from 'Veteran's Today' was erased (the part that stated how technological mind control was technologically detected), and then another part of it, which mentioned the government, was plugged in. This has felt like yet another aim to set me up for something that is not true. Its horrible that I am not only continuing to be targeted, but also have to worry about my writings being altered.
      The details of the microwave/radio wave detection, which were in this article, appear to have been changed but the core of it is still there and it proves that the technological targeting can easily be detected; "Thousands of Americans believe they are targeted by mind control technologies. At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists. This was until we were able to break through the encoding within some mobile communications devices, signals we will refer to as “sub-carriers” for lack of a better term." http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/24/venturas-brain-invaders/

I Beg You

   I beg government and media officials to let your Hearts stand up for your selves, for your loved ones, for us, for America. . .ultimately for all of humanity. Please stand up and publicly expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement program...etc., so the covert wars can end and enslaved victims can be set free.  Please stand up so that people can understand what is happening and at least have the opportunity to resist the mind control, protect themselves and support each other. Please stand up so that heavily hit victims can be understood and protected from further harm. Please break the silence that too many are suffering in. Please stand up and help set humanity free. Please!

Please Help Set Humanity Free

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Example of the "Noise Campaign" Part of the Targeting

   I have been wanting to share this for a while now but keep forgetting. Another bit of harassment, which happened today, jogged my memory.
   The noise campaign part of the targeting can get intense at times. And it happens through puppets dropping things, banging things, beeping vehicle horns, screeching vehicle tires, revving engines...etc. Sometimes its done with technologically transmitted sound and sometimes it is VERY obviously done through puppets being instructed to be where I am going and do what their master tells them to do. I do my best to ignore it all. But this is often impossible and every now and then I react to it. The experience I was reminded of today happened a couple years ago. . .
  I had walked into a McDonalds and a puppet who stood at the counter dropped something onto the floor, making a loud bang, right after I walked by. I was in a sassy mood that day. So, I turned around, walked up behind her and said, "You were a few seconds too late." And she said, "Oh I thought she was right there!" She had thought I was her partner speaking, because she didn't see me double back. I wonder how she felt when she realized it was me whom she admitted her harassment to.
   Sometimes the puppets seem like mind control victims who are not aware of what they are doing. But sometimes they obviously know exactly what they are doing.

 P.S. There have been other times when I head for a public bathroom and instead of going in I have waited, either for someone else to finish using it or to watch something on a nearby TV. On a few occasions this has put me in a position where I actually watched the puppets race to the door and reef on the handle as if trying to break in, the way they have often done to me as I sit on the toilet. On a few occasions I looked at them and sarcastically said, "That's not me in there." My reacting this way is an attempt to defuse the agitation, which is raised by these sort of things happening so much and for so long.
   I feel that the covert program, which uses their puppets to harass or harm fellow citizens, also enslaves unaware victims under the guise of it being good or helpful. But there seems to be different levels of it. Most of the puppets seem like mind control victims who do not know what they are doing. One level is obviously criminal. How can anyone think that making loud noises or trying to force a locked door open or drugging us against our will or inflicting us with parasites or  intentionally damaging our property or breaking into our homes and vehicles or moving and replacing our belongings...etc., is helpful? Some puppets are obviously too lost in the darkness that surrounds heavily Targeted Individuals and its difficult to know if it is through their own choices or through being tortured or brain damaged or deceived or completely controlled.  Its a horrible thing - this covert and technological targeting. . .and I hope it is quickly and completely exposed and stopped.

    Its no wonder why, back in 2004, I started feeling like humanity was losing its Heart. It was and is. I just didn't know how back then, because I was not aware that I was being targeted and was not aware of technological mind control. But I was noticing the rudeness that was surrounding me. I was feeling the pain of unnatural amounts of losses and difficulties and being either abandoned or targeted by loved ones. And I was feeling the confusion of wondering what was "wrong with me" and what I had done to deserve it for over a decade before I realized that criminals were targeting me with covert harassment, radio wave technologies, chemicals and parasites. . .and that brainwashings, heavy targetings or enslavement was being inflicted upon those who would have wanted to be here for me.

God help us all to be completely set free

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Garlic Experiment and Cyclotron Resonance?

  Until today, I recently went through another round of the technological part of the targeting backing off and a vamp up in the parasite and chemical part. As this happened my garlic started turning bright green as it cooked. This has happened before, at a time when ginger root also contained the same green color in most of the stores I frequented. After I told a store manager about it and posted it on this blog it stopped. All seemed normal again. The ginger root stopped being green. But now the garlic is again turning green.
    This time I went to different stores to buy and test the garlic. They knew I was doing this test and I had talked about it. Three times I tried and three times there was no green color appearing in even the garlic which had turned green yesterday morning and the day before. (above is a picture of the green garlic.) What does this mean?
   It APPEARS that the green color is not in the garlic when I buy it - that something is happening to it while I cook it. This again happening during a time when they are actively trying to inflict me with parasites leads me to believe that they are trying to prevent the garlic from being effective. (Garlic and ginger are great remedies for may types of infections and parasites.) What are they doing to it?
   I believe that radio waves, at certain frequencies, can have multiple effects on a variety of substances and that this is an area we need to know more about for the safety of all of humanity. I found this information in a book by Jerry E. Smith; "Laboratory experiments have shown that a minute quantity of a substance in a living body (an amount too small to cause effect) can be excited by exposure to EMR, through something called, Cyclotron Resonance, so as to produce effects as though there were up to a thousand times as much of the substance present."
   And even too much of a good thing can be bad and even lethal. If radio waves can effect vegetables and fruits in ways that prevent proper nutrition, or worse, in ways that can harm or kill, we have a serious problem that I hope is investigated and stopped as quickly as possible.

Please help stop criminal use of ground and
space based technologies that emit radio waves.


P.S. After I did the garlic test the technological part of the targeting vamped back up. Prior to that it only been mild ringing in my ears and periodic painful laser shots that only lasted a few seconds and then stopped. Most of the time when they torture me it lasts a lot longer. I enjoyed the break, but I don't want the parasites and toxic food in exchange for it. I want it ALL to completely and genuinely stop. I'm hurting today and it has been difficult to focus on this article, but I felt it had to be written.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hilary Clinton Quote for Children - Our Future

“That will be my mission as president; to make sure I do everything I can, every single day, to knock down the barriers, to open up the doors, so that every child has a chance to live up to his or her God given potential” ~ Hilary Clinton

I hope she is able to stop technological and pharmaceutical mind control from continuing to prevent children from being all that they were born to be. Who will REALLY care enough to expose, and start ending, the enslavement of humanity? I hope Hillary does, and if she does. . .I hope she becomes our next president.

Our children TRULY ARE "our future" and they need to be free. Please help them be. Too many have already been too hurt.


4:02 pm today; Painful laser shots to back of neck/spine as I post this.

Life can not be lived without freedom. It can only be survived

Ironically my New Hampshire license place says "Live Free or Die." I understand that more now than I ever have. Without freedom life is often not worth living. Life cannot be lived without freedom. It can only be survived. I'm still surviving, but I'm not living. I want to live.

P.S. They know that I am not going to leap into their false covert rescue stuff. But still they prance puppets, including estranged loved ones and their friends, around me as if it were all a cool game. The oblivious puppets laugh and smile while I stand alone and continue being tortured. Not much is more cruel than this irregardless of the intentions.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another Increase in Chem Trails?

   I am not sure if this is becoming a pattern - the increase of chemtrails in areas after I spend a lot of time there. I have read that chem trails are made up of liquid and little polymer fibers which help the liquids to stay in the air for longer periods of time. But there are many different theories on what the spraying is really for. I took this video this morning in central southern New Hampshire.



Friday, October 7, 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Plight of Our Families

   I know that I have mentioned all of this before, but it deserves reiterating; I am not a "bible thumper" but I do believe that there are some good and accurate messages in the bible. . .and that prophecies are more for prevention than preparation.
   The bible spoke of a time when the dark forces would be harming humanity through tearing families apart and inflicting horrible pain and suffering. I feel that this has already been happening and is being done with technological and pharmaceutical mind control, as well as covert harassment with rumor campaigns, in order to pit family members against each other - competing and judging and degrading and hating and separating, and sometimes even being brainwashed into believing bad things about each other. . .instead of Loving each other. 
   In some situations family members are literally tortured to death and the suffering spreads through all who care. In some situations a member is covertly torn away (enslaved) - their death staged. . .leaving remaining family members with the nagging feeling that something is wrong, which prevents healthy grieving and closure. In some situations a family member is shunned and isolated for extreme levels of torture. . .other family members blaming this primary victim and often blocked from even caring while the victim is stalked, tortured and shoved into poverty - bank accounts, homes, relationships and work sabotaged...etc. Some family members are fully enslaved and used to aid in the targeting of the isolated relative, sometimes cruelly harassing and instigating/manipulating the deprivation of the types of care and help that are desperately needed. . .and sometimes operating under a dark guise of "help" that aims to rescue/force the victim into the covert program that targets them all or to install a "mental illness," label, which strips vital levels of freedom from the victim.
    In these sad situations, where whole families are inflicted with technological mind control and used against each other, ALL family members are victims and all suffer in ways that no human being should have to endure.

    I feel that my whole family has been a victim of sadistic technological targeting since at least the mid 1970s. I am the one who was isolated from my family with them blaming me (some even used to help target me in various ways). . .and me blaming them until I realized the technological mind control part that targets us all.
   I feel that this is happening to far more families then most of us may want to realize and it needs to be faced and stopped as quickly as possible. I sense that the same sorts of sadistic pitting have been happening between citizens and government...etc.
   These truly are holocaustal crimes against humanity and criminal use of both land and space based radio wave technologies must be stopped as quickly as possible. The worst part of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting is the way it blocks our Hearts and prevents us from fully Loving and grieving and healing and growing into all that we were meant to be. Please help restore our freedom to live and love and grow in the ways that we were born to.

Please help stop the targeting of families,
So that we can freely Love each other.