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Friday, November 20, 2015

Frozen Beneath Concerns

I feel frozen beneath concerns that I am surrounded by manipulations, which seem too huge for me to fully decipher and report at this point in time.

The dangers now seem far too great.
I pray for Light to seal our fate,
While darkness hides in sorted turns
Demanding what I dare not learn.
Schools of dark, cryptic illusions
That merely add to the confusion.
Oh let it all be washed away -
Give the crows nothing to say,
So the sun can shine today.


I am not able to view the home page of this blog. It is blocked on all browsers I check it
on. Yet, the stats make it appear that others are still able to see it. I am concerned, since
I have not been allowed to have backups of my videos on youtube, that my words could
be altered. I am also getting new threats ot disable my car, which I stil live in, due to my
exposing the targeting...etc.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The "home" where we do not belong.

"Time to come home" a puppet says as I am stranded without a vehicle. Are they again leaving me stranded just to try to terrorize/force me into leaping into their hands - into that covert place that they call, "home"? It appears so. I still believe that the "home" people are being forced into is not a genuine "rescue" or "protection" but is enslavement.
   I'm scared and don't know what I'm going to do. Without a vehicle I have no sense of safety from those who are targeting me. Please help pray for me.


P.S. I still can not view this blog on my browsers. It appears to be disabled. I hope other people can view it. 

Update: My car was fixed on the 24th. Was stranded for 9 days.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stranded with a Broken Down Vehicle and Being Technologically Tortured!

    Since early this morning I have been heavily tortured, with what feels like a laser beam drilling into my head above my right eye, as I aim to have my car towed...etc. Excruciating pain in my whole head still at 12:47pm as I post this. 

  After a chain of confusing covert messages, interference with statements I was trying to send to authorities in the USA and the UN, my blog suddenly appeared to have been disabled, my brain was lasered into an angry outburst against those who target me. . .then my car suddenly stopped working on the evening of the 15th. (I feel that my car was intentionally disabled.)
   Since I live in my car, and it contains what little is left of my belongings and writings, this is VERY serious.  I'm praying for strength, but am not feeling strong enough to deal with this, if my car can not be fixed.

   Is it a coincidence that all of this is happening as I aim to write out better statements about the targeting. . .and that I was planning on hand delivering them to the FBI just before my car suddenly broke and left me stranded? I have been trying to cover all the bases and was sending new statements to the United Nations as well, because of my experiences in Peru and Canada, but someone seems to have an issue with this. Last Friday I was lasered as I tried to address an envelope to the UN and my computer was recently shut down as I tried to post my Peru statements. Due to the nature of the targeting this may be manipulations to make me blame America for the targeting. No matter who it is it hurts and its wrong and I desperately need protection from further harm, even though I am homeless.

  Could you please help through passing this
 report to government officials around the world?

I was also in the middle of doing updates on statements in this book when my blog was blocked and car disabled. (I am not able to see this blog on my browsers. I hope you can.)

 P.S. I still can not view this blog on my browsers. It appears to have been disabled right before my car was. I hope other people can view it. So much is happening right now that I erased some of my posts. I'm too distressed to fully figure it all out. And I'm tired of speculating. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Direct Threat of Brain Damage?

[UPDATE: I may have misunderstood the messages - they may have been an ultimatum (about a test that I failed) because I have been blocked from viewing this blog, and  my car has been disabled, after a chain of confusing messages. And I of course am not able to sort it all out because I am now dealing with being stranded and desperate for the miracle that will stop them from making me lose my writings, belongings that in my car...etc.]

1:31pm A white van pulled out next to me with a license plate that abbreviated "Face will ache." This was shortly after covert messages which basically said, "You are going to become one of us..." (Messaging on license plates is VERY common in the covert harassment part of the targeting. A few years ago I caught a puppet with a huge stack of license plates behind the seat of his truck. Apparently he had stopped to swap plates and did not see me walking up behind him.)

1:49pm My facial muscles are tightening in an odd, unnatural way. Heat is building in my head. And I am feeling small sharp pains shooting into the top left part of my head as well as a dull ache in that part of my head. (This is not any worse than the norm, but has me more concerned because of the messages.)

Are they really going to damage my brain or are they just terrorizing me again? And can you imagine what it would feel like to wait and see? I pray that they do not succeed.

UPDATE: I may have misunderstood the messages - they may have been an ultimatum (about a test that I failed) because I have been blocked from viewing this blog, and  my car has been disabled, after a chain of confusing messages. And I of course am not able to sort it all out because I am now dealing with being stranded and desperate for the miracle that will stop them from making me lose my writings, belongings that in my car...etc.

  More is at the bottom of my new statements page;

  Could you please help all of us through passing this
 report to government officials around the world?

  More is at the bottom of my new statements page;

  Could you please help all of us through passing this
 report to government officials around the world?

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Legitimate Concern Reiterated

    With the field of psychiatry being used to help perform the part of the targeting that forces people to take mind altering pharmaceuticals after inflicting false “mental illness” labels, which can also lead to the loss of rights through being declared “incompetent,” there is a grave danger for Targeted Individuals – a danger that could have worse results than a physical death. This makes it scary to even report the crimes to places that are trained to direct us toward a psychiatrist, in order to prove our sanity - prove that the targeting is really happening. Heavy long term technological targeting can be scientifically provable. Clearly, the most effective method of proving the technological part of these crimes is through honest medical tests for radiation, cell structure damage, brain damage…etc. And I pray that more people start realizing this.

Dr. Caplan on Dangers of False "Mental Illness" Labels


This is not my video. I'm sorry for the poor quality of it. I had to record it from a recording, because it keeps being removed from its current addresses on my websites. In this video Dr. Caplan exposes some critically important issues with the DSM and false "mental illness" labels, which can also lead to "incompetence" claims that can tear away people's rights and freedom. I feel that this is a critically important part of the targeting of humanity. The false "mental illness" labels also enables forced psychiatric pharmaceuticals, which aid technological mind control. This is critical problem that is in desperate need of attention. This is all part of a Technological Holocaust. Please help spread the word. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sample of my Days

 A new page with dates and times of technological targeting

I am being heavily microwaved and threatened as I post this and the 2 posts below.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disturbing Headlines in a Popular Magazine

   I was shocked to find these headlines, which read, "I think my child is Mentally ill" on top of a picture of a sad little girl who has the words "I feel sad," printed above her head. This was on page 10 of the the November, 2015 issue of the New Hampshire "Parenting" magazine. And, to me, it is a blatant reminder of the unhealthy push for false mental illness diagnosis and it's treatment, which often includes psychiatric drugs and other methods of suppressing feelings, instead of healing.
   These sorts of ads come across as brainwashings aimed to make people think that sadness is wrong or worse - that it should raise concerns about "mental illness." These sorts of ads should raise red flags in those who care about children and the future health and safety of humanity.
    Sadness is one of the natural emotions we were born with and we were born with the capability of feeling it for a good reason. When encouraged, sadness is part of a healthy grieving process, which helps us to release our pain. When we do not allow this process of feeling and releasing our pain our hearts become blocked and this is not good for us. Actually, its harmful for natural feelings of sadness to be suppressed and blocked, instead of felt and healed, especially in children.
   I have strong feelings about this because it is directly connected to a large part of my work. Here are a few phrases from my old writings - the ones that have been being sabotaged by those who target me and my work. . .


Its not sadness that depresses people
Its the suppression of it that depresses people


We feel Love only as deeply as we
allow ourselves to feel our sadness.


Dr. Paula Caplan on the dangers of false "mental illness" labels

The links to this video have been repeatedly broken on my website. So I finally did my own recording
 of her recording. I'm sorry for its poor quality. But the information she gives us is critically important.

Is it a coincidence that many psychiatric drugs aid technological mind control. . .and that these types of drugs (like antidepressants) are being found in public drinking water as well as being pushed onto healthy people (even children!) who are being falsely labeled as "mentally ill"?

Please also watch this video I made for targeted children


P.S. I understand that there truly are people who have genuine mental problems and can function better with drugs. But I can not help but wonder how many of those, who are even suicidal, are being technologically targeted. . .and even if they aren't, how many would fully recover if they were not medicated and felt truly loved by another human being or if they had someone to care to listen and understand and offer a shoulder to cry on? How many are labeled and suppressed instead of being loved and healed? How many?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Crop Circles - Microwaves - Mathematical Messages

   Today, while doing my laundry, I watched a documentary on the History channel about crop circles. I was surprised to hear scientists say that they have now found evidence of the authentic ones being created, from the sky, with microwaves - electromagnetic technologies. This was proven through tests on the stalks of the plants and radiation found in the soil...etc. These are the same sorts of weapons that are used to perform the technological part of the targeting of people.
   It has also been reported that mathematicians are now finding binary code messages within the authentic crop cricle designs. One of those messages is reported to say, "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception." I believe that this may also be related to the targeting. Is it possible that the "gift," which this message referred to, was some sort of protection from the technological targeting and the "deception" was that it was really an enslavement? I know this is a long shot, but I can't help but wonder, because I feel that this has really happened - that the protection and rescue are the enslavement.
   Like most things connected to the targeting, it can be difficult to find good, solid scientific proof on the web. . .and it often seems to be surrounded by things that can discredit it. . .like making it all look like a "hoax" and surrounding it with things that most people would find unbelievable, like alien and UFO theories. I believe that the electromagnetic/microwave targeting is being done by human beings.


P.S. I am experiencing sharp pains in my chest since directly after I posted this. It feels like the usual threatening, lasering that mimics heart attack symptoms. The pains lasted for an hour or more and then stopped. They seemed to be threat to not post this.