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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Information War?

 The Information War

What in earth is this "information war"?
I wish people would stop it and
Realize what matters more.
In my writings dates change,
Files are blocked or erased,
And paragraphs rearranged.
Through it all I wonder. . .
Who plays this foolish game,
While lives are being lost,
Too many continue to suffer
And humanity pays the cost?

I have been dealing with various types of interference with my writings since around 2005. Severely since I began blogging about the targeting in 2011. I need it to stop.

P.S. Looks like my blog is working again, but the side bar is now on the bottom. Its hard - being forced to work on infiltrated computers. I feel completely at the mercy of whoever decides to take control. Things seem to be getting really threatening - another round of threats to disable my vehicle and put me into a hospital or to be labeled as a criminal. I just don't know what to think or do anymore about much of anything. I pray for this hell to end for all of us before too many more get hurt or destroyed.