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Monday, December 28, 2015

Cry for Help

    Since the "death" of Daniel Nadeau, and attempts to erase my post about his store being broken into before he died, I began to realize that things appear to be getting worse instead of better in my situation. Since this last round of death threats, I am worried that things may continue to get worse for other past advertisers of my papers, witnesses to the targeting, and possibly even people whom I had written about in the original posts on this blog, which are now in it's book. . .or should be. There may still be things that have been altered or erased by those who infiltrate my computers and/or sites. (I have been getting what appears to be covert threats against me and others connected to the writings in this book.) I feel bad that I must share it in its raw form. I know that I had written things that may have been my misunderstandings of certain situations and I certainly do not want blame to aim in the wrong directions. But I do not want the crimes to be hidden either. And there is too much that I am not clear about in this confusing mess. Hopefully things will someday be more clear and I can set the records straight. Whoever gets this, please forward it to the proper authorities ASAP. More complete earlier editions can be made available to the proper authorities upon request. www.targetedinamerica.com/areport11.pdf

Ramblings of a Targeted Individual Book

Free Heart Bud Publications

Whoever gets this, please forward it to the proper authorities ASAP. More complete earlier editions can be made available to the proper authorities upon request.

    Recent Alterations to my Writings; My computers are still infiltrated and I even experience interference on library computers. I have recently found three alterations in my writings; The word "not" was erased from this statement in this report, "that they can NOT be viewed as coincidence" in this report; www.targetedinamerica.com/areport11.pdf
    In my plea for government help, in one of my books, I had written, "Please expose the covert program, and its recruiting process, so that enslaved mind control victims can be set free. Please acknowledge what is happening to Targeted Individuals so that victims and their loved ones can understand what is happening to them," and the first line was altered to, "Please expose the covert program so that we can be set free," which suggests that I am in the program. And the date on the year that Daniel Nadeau died had been changed from 2015 to 2014 in my blog post. The www.heartbud.com address had been changed. The first posting of the report above was deleted from www.poeticpublications.com.
    This whole situation is more difficult than words can say, literally. And I do not know what other alterations are made. It is impossible for me to keep combing through my writings and sometimes things can be erased that I do not even pick up on...etc. This all feels just too horrible and wrong. Not only am I being heavily targeted, and prevented from doing good and accurate reports to beg for help, but those who target me also appear to be trying to make it look like I am one of them. I am concerned that these, along with other manipulations, have been preventing help from reaching not only me but also many others who are being targeted in similar ways. I pray for the Truths to break through the manipulations and for this hell to end for all of us.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The "Merry Christmas" Threat

   Holiday and birthday wishes take on a whole new meaning in covert language. "Happy birthday" appears to be a death threat. Aside from almost steady weapon attacks to my brain, periods of being shot with microwaves and dead animals left in the roads. . .this years "Merry Christmas" gift appears to have been the inner destruction of an estranged loved one. I was so stricken with worry and grief that I was up half the night on Christmas eve. What is being done to people's brains is worse than a physical death. I pray that this has not really happened, but know that it already has, to some degree, to nearly everyone whom I have been closest to. It appears that many are suffering brain washings or brain damage and are forced into being controlled by those who target us. The mind control part of the targeting is by far the worst and the silence around this horrible crimes is excruciating.

   But my tears still lit my traditional Christmas prayer candles today.

More Dead Animals Left in Roads I Travel?

   I am experiencing another round of an unusual amount of dead animals in the roads I frequent. This appears to be another round of death threats. One appeared to be a huge deer, which I hit part of on Wednesday afternoon. A recent puppet plate read the equivalent of "NH Die." And there have been other covert threats. I am worried about a estranged loved ones, since one of their tactics is to aim for them...etc. This new round appears to have been triggered primarily by the fact that it is Christmas time - a time when I have often been more heavily targeted. . .and because of my saying that I am needing to shift more focus onto taking better care of myself on psychological and spiritual levels My trying to focus on inner healing seems to disturb them even more than my exposing the crimes. It has been a regular pattern in the targeting for things to vamp up in ways that increase my distress when I am at my wits end and need to take time to regain my balance. Obviously this can not happen while being targeted but the need for it never goes away. It merely intensifies.

P.S. 12-25-15; A red car in front of me appeared to have thrown a dead squirrel, which was cut in two, out their window. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A More Personal Blog

   I am starting another blog for the purpose of sharing more personal feelings around my experiences with the targeting. On it I have written a little Christmas post. Here is the address;

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Another Microwaved Prayer :-(

7:30 am; I silently sat before an ocean sunrise praying. I prayed for Light to reach the Hearts of (and protect) the leaders of our nations as well as military leaders... so that the covert war can end and the targeting can be exposed and stopped...etc., and I was hit with a blast of microwaves, which inflicted sudden pain to my head, increased heart rate and shortness of breath - the usual. In the past few days I am also experiencing another round of threats to disable my vehicle or have me put in jail.

 New page - The Bigger Picture

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I'm Sorry

   I am deeply sorry if things that I have posted, especially in my early stages of figuring this out, have hurt anyone - I'm sorry about the things I may have been wrong about. Too much is not clear in all of this covert stuff, and deceitful manipulations in the targeting. I pray that the Truths will be clear, someday. Until then its all just too confusing. I am hurting beyond description.
  I am also sorry that I have to keep combing through my posts to add things I forgot to put in...etc. My brain is often being effected by radio waves, especially when they know I am aiming to write something important. (I am also still working on infiltrated computers, which posses its own problems.) Most of what I write lately, seems to be repeats of my past writings. . .reminders of what lingers in my heart and yearns to reach you. Please let it.

I pray for humanity to break free from enslavement, peacefully
 stand up, banish the silence. . .and regain its Freedom. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Solution

  I feel that, until criminal use of the technologies can be stopped, the solution for the crisis we face is in informing and genuinely helping and protecting instead of blaming and fighting. And I pray that this starts happening between countries, between citizens and governments, between community members and family members...etc.
   I still feel that the technological mind control is at the core of most of the problems we face in our world through the past several decades. I pray that citizens will soon be informed of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting so they can at least have the opportunity to listen to their Hearts above what is projected into their minds. I pray for  modes of protection THAT ARE NOT SLY ENSLAVEMENT like the covert "rescue," - I pray for modes of Un-filtered and un-manipulated detection and protection to become available to ALL who need it. If these things can not quickly happen disabling the technologies may be the only way to set humanity free. God help us all.

I pray for humanity to break free from enslavement, peacefully
 stand up, banish the silence. . .and regain its Freedom. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Information War?

 The Information War

What in earth is this "information war"?
I wish people would stop it and
Realize what matters more.
In my writings dates change,
Files are blocked or erased,
And paragraphs rearranged.
Through it all I wonder. . .
Who plays this foolish game,
While lives are being lost,
Too many continue to suffer
And humanity pays the cost?

I have been dealing with various types of interference with my writings since around 2005. Severely since I began blogging about the targeting in 2011. I need it to stop.