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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Legitimate Concern Reiterated

    With the field of psychiatry being used to help perform the part of the targeting that forces people to take mind altering pharmaceuticals after inflicting false “mental illness” labels, which can also lead to the loss of rights through being declared “incompetent,” there is a grave danger for Targeted Individuals – a danger that could have worse results than a physical death. This makes it scary to even report the crimes to places that are trained to direct us toward a psychiatrist, in order to prove our sanity - prove that the targeting is really happening. Heavy long term technological targeting can be scientifically provable. Clearly, the most effective method of proving the technological part of these crimes is through honest medical tests for radiation, cell structure damage, brain damage…etc. And I pray that more people start realizing this.

Dr. Caplan on Dangers of False "Mental Illness" Labels


This is not my video. I'm sorry for the poor quality of it. I had to record it from a recording, because it keeps being removed from its current addresses on my websites. In this video Dr. Caplan exposes some critically important issues with the DSM and false "mental illness" labels, which can also lead to "incompetence" claims that can tear away people's rights and freedom. I feel that this is a critically important part of the targeting of humanity. The false "mental illness" labels also enables forced psychiatric pharmaceuticals, which aid technological mind control. This is critical problem that is in desperate need of attention. This is all part of a Technological Holocaust. Please help spread the word.