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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More of the Latest Vamp up in Targeting

   I repeatedly woke to the pain of various parts of my body being lasered last night. And this morning I experienced a painful attack to my head, (torture levels) which also included a lot of heat in my whole head. . .and has continued through most of the day on slightly milder scales.

   In the past few days I am also experiencing another round of disruptions when I use public bathrooms. This vamp up started after I'd stated that I needed a period of time of just at least being able to go to the bathroom without being harassed. With this aim, as well as my need for a bit of a break from living in my car and having no level of privacy...etc., I was aiming to get a motel room for a month and even had help with the payment of it. The financial help was taken away and then the puppets started an obvious round of rudely trying to access public bathrooms directly after I go into them. This is not done with the normal gently trying the handle, to see if it is locked, or knocking to see if someone is in there - they literally keep reefing on the door handle, as if trying to break in, or loudly banging on the door as if it is an emergency.   
   This is just one small example of the usual targeting pattern of vamping up something that they know is bothering me. I have experienced many rounds of this sort of thing in many different parts of the targeting. And a lot more than this is happening. I actually do not write most of it. Just surviving it is often about all I can do.