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Monday, October 26, 2015

Attempted Instigation of Vehicle "Accidents"?

   In the past few days I have experienced THREE incidences where vehicles quickly pulled out in front of me from a stop sign where I had the right of way. Two of them happened today. The worst one was today when a car pulled out in front of me so quickly that there wasn't even time to brake before hitting it. I quickly swerved into the other lane, ending up beside the car that leaped out in front of me. . .and was very lucky that there was no oncoming traffic. Oddly, I did not even think of taking down plate numbers. But then. . .it probably wouldn't have mattered since no collision happened. None of these felt like "coincidences." They felt intentional. And this is not the first round of this sort of thing.

   I seem to sometimes experience what appears to be vengeance targeting - if I tell on them they seem to re-inflict the same sort of targeting. "Okay," they sometimes say after I expose part of the targeting and they start doing it again or vamping it up. And this may be what is happening with the "accident" stuff, since I recently mentioned, in my videos, that I had experienced odd chains of  vehicle "accidents" in the 1970s.


P.S. My brain was being heavily microwaved as I aimed to meet the minister who wanted to talk to me about the gathering with my family. And the near "accident" experience happened shortly before I was due to go. It appears that these manipulations were aiming to add to my feelings of discomfort. Please read the post below.