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Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Order to Turn It Toward the Light

   I have been searching for answers. In between the microwave hits, distress and fear. I have asked myself, “Did I do the wrong thing when I exposed the situation around Dan?” But what cries from the depths of my aching soul is a phrase that lit some of my past writings, and an ongoing dread that the “rescue” from radio wave targeting is a sly enslavement that sometimes uses good, unaware people in the foreground, but is orchestrated by the very same people who target and terrorize us.

We must expose the dark
In order to turn it toward the Light

   I am again begging media and government officials, around the globe, to please expose the targeting and enslavement – to please stand up and set humanity free. PLEASE provide methods of genuine protection; methods that do not rip targets from loved ones and inflict suffering upon the whole family; methods that expose the crimes, allowing people to pull together and support each other; methods that use radio wave detection and blocking technologies, in order to protect heavily targeted individuals. Please help us in the ways that are desperately needed. Please! I pray for this to start happening before its too late for this sort of remedy.

P.S. It appears that I am being blackmailed in efforts to force me to erase my statements about public water supplies being contaminated with the same pharmaceuticals that aid the technological mind control that is enslaving humanity...etc. There also appears to be another round of covert threats against my father and a child.