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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Introduction Video

 "Tortured Videos" all in one video and in the order that I had recorded them. This video is being interfered with and has not been starting at the beginning. You may have to reset it to the beginning, which gives important explanations.  

Previously posted addresses

Video on Covert Harassment - Gang Stalking

   I was being heavily targeted as I aimed to make this video. I experienced torture levels of radio waves shot into my brain, which is evident in the unusual amount of swelling in my face, around my eyes and sinuses.  It also appears that the function of my brain was also interfered with, for a while, after the part where I state that my throat was being lasered.
   I have not been able to do the proper edits due to the youtube page malfunctions. So this is a mostly unedited version of it.This video was first called - Targeted Video of the Covert Program and the Third Riech  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR9yyJ-CP8o.

This Video with three other "Tortured Videos"

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


   Things are getting really heated around me! I am deeply concerned about what appears to be continued efforts to frame me...etc.
   Yesterday I purchased a small used camcorder so that I could do some videos. I did one little practice run with it. As I watched my test video I made a comment about the microwave targeting causing dark circles under my eyes. Since last night I have been experiencing torture levels of microwaves being shot into my brain. This is being done in a way that appears to be intentionally causing unusual swelling in my face, especially around my eyes and sinuses. I do not have a cold, allergies or a sinus infection. This just suddenly happened with the microwaving. Here is the unedited video I did today; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ft2EuMC_DQ. And below is this video in with three others.

This Video with three other "Tortured Videos"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Order to Turn It Toward the Light

   I have been searching for answers. In between the microwave hits, distress and fear. I have asked myself, “Did I do the wrong thing when I exposed the situation around Dan?” But what cries from the depths of my aching soul is a phrase that lit some of my past writings, and an ongoing dread that the “rescue” from radio wave targeting is a sly enslavement that sometimes uses good, unaware people in the foreground, but is orchestrated by the very same people who target and terrorize us.

We must expose the dark
In order to turn it toward the Light

   I am again begging media and government officials, around the globe, to please expose the targeting and enslavement – to please stand up and set humanity free. PLEASE provide methods of genuine protection; methods that do not rip targets from loved ones and inflict suffering upon the whole family; methods that expose the crimes, allowing people to pull together and support each other; methods that use radio wave detection and blocking technologies, in order to protect heavily targeted individuals. Please help us in the ways that are desperately needed. Please! I pray for this to start happening before its too late for this sort of remedy.

P.S. It appears that I am being blackmailed in efforts to force me to erase my statements about public water supplies being contaminated with the same pharmaceuticals that aid the technological mind control that is enslaving humanity...etc. There also appears to be another round of covert threats against my father and a child.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Staged Death?

   On September 6 I heard that Dan Nadeau, of Greenland, NH, was listed as being dead on February 22, 2015. On September 8th 2015, this was confirmed, through the local news paper. But is he really dead?
    Dan had been one of my advertisers in 2008. He had helped me when my car had been disabled and I was stranded on the streets in the fall of 2013.
   In 2014 his "Gold Buyers" shop was broken into shortly after he'd told me that he'd sponsor "the next" Heart Bud publication. Dan appeared to be being targeted, probably due to his association with me - his aim to support another one of my publications. If not for my experiences in the past couple months I'd think that he was truly dead and was probably inconspicuously murdered by the same people who target me.

   Those who target me have repeatedly recruited (or abducted) and used people whom I knew or had been close to, in efforts to perform a covert "rescue." Due to my insights and experiences with this, I feel that this "rescue" (into a place they call "home") leads to enslavement under the very same people who are targeting us.
   In a recent round of this (starting on July 28, 2015) puppets had leaped in front of me with license plates that read things like, "Adman" and "Bye Dan." Then it appeared that Dan was being used to try to get me to leap into his car - to "rescue" me from the targeting. "He won't go without you," one of them said as this was happening. On one occasion Dan parked next to me and walked in front of my parked car (He may have even waved at me) then appeared to be sitting in his car waiting for me to leap into the back seat. This was months after his "death" and around a month BEFORE I realized that he was "dead."
   Dan is the third, person, whom I feel sure is still alive although thought to be dead by loved ones and the rest of the world. It appears that staged deaths is one of the recruiting methods. If I had chosen to go to tis "home" with them my death may have been staged as well. "Its permanent" they once told me, which appears to mean that once we go we can never return to our real lives and identity. (I have had dreams and insights, which show this "home" as a dark place.)
   Directly after I realized the first staged death (in 2013) I was issued a very direct threat - they had a puppet park near me and yell out, "If you blow my cover I will kill you." And now, the same thing happening to Dan, that had happened to Jim Baker of Nova Scotia, and the one whom I can not mention, leads me to feeling a need to more fully expose it, before something happens to me.
   There may have been a fourth staged death; In the Spring of 2014 I had posted the possibility of my mother not truly dieing in 1977 and being abducted into the covert program, which had also used her to try to lure me into that "home", in order to be with her again. Most of this post has been erased by those who infiltrate my writings. (Last years post about Dan's shop being broken into has also been erased from my book of this blog. There is an obvious aim to cover up these things.)

   I am truly sorry if this offends anyone who may think that the "rescue" is a good thing. I must follow the heart of my instincts and share what I believe to be true. Even IF all forms of the "rescues" do not lead to enslavement, the process of leaving loved ones thinking that a family member has died, when they are still alive, is just too horribly wrong and hurtful to all who are involved. (It appears that enslaved victims do not even realize that they are mind control victims!)
   I pray for methods of genuine protection; methods that do not rip targets from loved ones and inflict suffering upon the whole family; methods that expose the crimes, allowing people to pull together and support each other; methods that use radio wave detection and blocking technologies, in order to protect heavily targeted individuals. I pray for this to start happening before its too late for this sort of remedy.

   I am beside myself with grief and concern right now. . .not to mention being lasered and knowing that my life is in more danger than ever since I refused to go with Dan and now know that his death was staged. Perhaps I will be able to share more of my thoughts and feelings about this later. Until then, I pray that this reaches people who can do more to expose and stop the enslavement of human beings, especially in ways that leave their loved ones thinking that they are dead, because enslavement can be worse than a physical death.


P.S. After posting this came what appear to be more threats to force me into a shelter and "check it out..." I'm extremely distressed and they seem to also continue judging me for not being perfect while they continue to torture me and interfere with my brain function...etc. Stats on this blog suddenly dropped after this post. I do not know if it is being allowed to be viewed.