My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, August 29, 2015

To Set Love Free

   What helps to keep me going, while being targeted, is the process of holding onto my vision of citizens, around the globe, being fully informed of the enslavement, mind control...etc., - of citizens being given the opportunity to resist the darkness, and let our Hearts pull together to openly talk about what we are faced with and support each other through it

The Sun will rise for all of humanity 
As we embrace our Hearts and set Love free.

   I have not done very well. But I have been doing my best to embrace my heart as I stumble through the chaos and tortures that I am being inflicted with. It is here in my writings. . .between the fight and confusion. . .a heart that stumbles under too much weight. . .a heart that aims to expose the targeting and reach those who can do more. . .a breaking heart that is begging humanity to stand up and save itself, because none of us can do this alone. Please hear my plea. We all need each other in ways that the silence is not allowing

Please help break the silence
So that Love can be set free.