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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sorry, I Can't

[VIP UPDATE 1016; Many of my posts, like this one, were written with desperation. I may have misperceived some of the things I share in the beginning of this post. I am still trying to figure it all out, but cannot completely do so while still being targeted and too distressed and too desperate for help and too concerned about offending good officials who can help us. My hearts says that good people will understand that I am being targeted too heavily to do a good job with my writings, but I have not met them yet.  GOD HELP US ALL TO BE TOTALLY SET FREE. ] 
I'm sorry, I Can't Join the Silence That is Hurting Too Many

   I am doing the best I can to follow my heart in my struggle to expose these crimes for all of us and save my own life at the same time. I am truly sorry if what I write offends anyone. My exposure of things, like what is in this post, is for the puppets as much as the rest of us.

Sometimes we must expose the dark
In order to turn it toward the Light

   I have been going through rounds of covert messaging and threats, which appear to be demanding that I be silent about my experiences with the NH DOT, various police departments in Maine and New Hampshire, and the fire department that was suspected of restarting the fire in my Andover (Potter Place) New Hampshire home. 
   The recently posted threat, of being "found dead," appeared to be delivered by firemen. Police appear to be covertly threatening to take my license, which appeared to have recently turned up missing, in order to hit this message home. They have also threatened to look for things to ticket me for. Just this morning I passed a New Hampshire DOT official who turned to look at me and zip his mouth as I drove by. And the list could go on.   "You too," they often say as I refuse to erase my bad experiences, with only a few of them, from my writings. And I just realized that this probably is a threat to make me out to be a criminal as well, because there have recently been two more very obvious covert threats of putting me in prison.
   Most of my direct experiences with all levels of government officials have been positive. So these rounds of covert threats has me feeling a bit baffled and more scared. Are they coming from government officials or is the dark infiltration just wanting me to believe it is? The covert harassment part of the targeting is so manipulative that it is often hard to fully figure out. The highest level perpetration has a pattern of trying to make us place blame on the wrong people and of trying to make us think that our own government is targeting us. But they are using real policemen, firemen, DOT officials and men who look like government officials, in order to deliver parts of their messages, and this is disturbing.
   This is an incredibly difficult and sad situation. I can not wipe out the crimes and completely stand up for them, although I believe that most policemen, firefighters...etc., are good decent people who would not engage in criminal activity. Like most organizations in our troubled world, there are often SOME 'bad apples," especially in the covert operation that too many blindly follow. I also can't completely stand against them, because I feel that many are unaware victims of mind control and enslavement in the covert program that is used to help target me. Only a few are real criminals, like those individuals who crossed the lines of ethics in situations like the fire in my second home and the DOT taking of my first home...etc.

   In the past, especially through 2012, as I was being heavily microwaved and harassed, while trying to figure it all out, I often wrote with hast and desperation for the hell to stop. It often came out in ways that most people would probably not view as politically correct. And I may have fallen into a few of the usual TI traps of misperception and misplaced blame, which are intentionally manipulated by those who target us. I have surely made some of my own mistakes. . .and probably more than I now realize. My writings have also been sometimes altered, or parts of them erased, by those who target me and infiltrate my computers, especially before I started printing them out.
   Consequently, these reportings of my experiences have had no chance of being as good as they could be under better conditions. None of it is perfect, but I can not accurately fix things while being threatened, microwaved...etc. And there are some things that I'd need clarification on, in order to make accurate and honest edits. It is as it is, until my situation improves and I have a chance to recover and regain my balance. . .if that time ever comes.

I'm sorry, I Can't Join the Silence That is Hurting Too Many

   At this point, I feel that ALL of my writings about the targeting also standing up for the enslaved puppets who are used to harass and threaten me. Hiding the crimes, which they are used in, can not help them either. I do not blame most of the police officers, firemen...etc., who are just used as puppets and do not seem to realize what they are lead by. Though this was not reflected in some of my oldest writings, due to more realizations, it recently has been. We are ALL victims of various sorts. . .and we ALL need the Truth to set us free. I am sorry, but I can not 'zip my mouth' around the crimes that continue to hurt me as well as many other people. The threats to silence me, hurt me or create even more hardship for me, merely prove how bad it all really is.

   I have felt scared many times, in the course of the targeting. But recently, I have been hitting points of feeling literally terrified. Over and over again I have begged for help. . .but am still surrounded by death threats and demands for my silence. I used to wonder when this would end. Now I often wonder if I will be able survive it, physically, psychologically and spiritually, for even just one more day. In my heart I cry, "Where is the good? Where is America - home of the free and the brave - where is that indivisible "Nation Under God?" We need it back. We desperately need it back.

America, Please Stand up for Freedom!
Its safer to stand in the Light. It is.

P.S. The events around, the loss of my homes are extremely significant to me, at this time, due to efforts to make it look like I am not really being targeted and am just "mentally ill." They are some of the more solid pieces of evidence that a targeting has indeed been taking place. If the targeting were being acknowledged, and I did not have to fear being institutionalized, my primary focus would be less on those events and more on the core problem - the mind control and pharmaceutical parts, which are literally destroying the Heart of humanity. God help us all.