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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Radiation Vamp Up!

    The radiation that is being directed into my whole abdominal area has recently vamped up. This type of microwaving has been periodically happening through the past two years. I'd thought that it might back off after I had previously exposed it and the dream I'd had of them killing me by inflicting me with tumors in my stomach. But I do not know if that post was erased or not. My situation is critical. (I also had a recent dream, which portrayed bad energy being directed at me...etc.)  And the psychological harassment and lasering of my brain and body is still ongoing and wearing me down.
   I pray for them to not succeed with destroying me in any way. But this is slowly happening and there seems nothing I can do to stop it. My hope for survival has been diminishing. I am not safe. I am being hurt. I am in desperate need of protection from further harm.


P.S. They backed off on this sort of microwaving after I posted this. I'd hoped they would. But things have vamped up in other ways! 

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