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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Going to be Found Dead Somewhere" !

   Today, "Going to be found dead somewhere," was said by one of two puppets, as I walked by them, directly after I'd openly confronted a group of people who were obvious puppets in the covert program, which is used to help target me. I have experienced many death threats, but this one is more threatening due to the timing of it. It does appear that they are performing cover-ups and manipulations in preparation for something.
   Both of my infiltrated computers have recently been wiped clean. I am not able to make changes to my websites, at this time, and there continues to be interference with the free downloads: like with this one to the Heart Bud book - www.poeticpublications.com/bookhb3.pdf. Demands are again being made for me to alter my writings in ways that hide the crimes. I am getting threats to disable or steal my vehicle/home. And perpetration regulated bits of financial help are now suddenly being drastically cut back...etc.
   Yesterday, my writings, and my Quark publishing program, were wiped out of my dell laptop. This laptop has not been used on the internet and was only for my personal writings. Yet, it has been infiltrated and, prior to this complete wiping out of my files and program, alterations had been being made to my writings and some files had been being erased, especially the "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual - The Resurrection" book, which I no longer even have a copy of. Has it remained as I wrote it? I have no way of knowing, at this point.
   My Quark publishing program had appeared to be being replaced with a different one, because it would sometimes not require the registration that my program had always required in the past. Perhaps this is why it was erased. And perhaps the files erased from the desk top and the documents folders, were to help cover this up. Another odd thing is that, since yesterdays intrusion, my computer is now set up to erase what is on the desktop each time it shuts down and is restarted. I am unable to figure out how to fix it this problem. Obviously my computer is still infiltrated and I am being surrounded my manipulations that appear to be aiming toward them either preventing or taking control of my writings.
   The computer I'd used for the internet was disabled a short time ago. . .forcing me to use infiltrated library computers, which often freeze up or lose control of the courser when I use them. I have tried to reinstall a windows program into my internet laptop, but get messages, which state that there is no longer an operating system to erase and replace. This computer had proven to be heavily infiltrated as I caught alterations being made to my writings as well as a download.
   I would normally be happy for the loss of the infiltration in this computer, but it also means the loss of my computer and my ability to work on my websites, which still appear to be being interfered with.

   This current round of hell began as I started gearing up to do more with my writings and taking better care of my health. One of the puppets kept directing me to my father for help. Relatives have mostly been a dead end avenue for me. But my desperation thought maybe he knew something I didn't, so I reluctantly bit the hook and found that there was still no help there either. However, he told me that my brother had a serious lung infliction, which I realized happened after he had sent me a rare bit of help. My relatives have been so targeted and are such long term mind control victims that there seems no genuine hope for any of us until the crimes are honestly exposed and stopped. I think that the same goes for an uncountable number of other families.
   There is a desperate need for public awareness of the targeting, so that loved ones of targeted individuals can break away from the covert program and support each other until the targeting can be stopped.

   It still appears that the more remote technological parts of the targeting suddenly stop at strategic times, in order to hide the fact that they are happening, and make it look like they are being done more locally. The sudden changes are very obvious and, on a few occasions, I was covertly instructed to be sure to "write everything down" while it was happening. On other occasions I have been told, "You are OK," as if all is fine and the targeting isn't really happening. But it has always picked right back up again and is still hurting me on every level. The TRUTHS about the technological targeting are in desperate need of exposure, if there is to be any hope for them to Truly stop.
   There appear to be many manipulations, which aim to hide the technological mind control and other more remote parts of the targeting. I pray that they do not succeed, because I can not see how any of the other problems can be TRULY fixed while technological and pharmaceutical mind control continues manipulating people. . .and has the long term effect of literally destroying the heart and soul of humanity. Please help expose and stop these crimes.