My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Core Resolution

   How can any of our problems (small or large) be truly resolved while humanity is staggering under the suppression of technological mind control and its aiding pharmaceuticals, which are still being found in public drinking water?

Please help stop technological and pharmaceutical mind control
Please help save the Heart and Soul of humanity

Again. . .

Please print and share info on this site;

P.S. I have just received what appears to be threats of a fire being started to disable my vehicle. This has me a bit concerned because a problem with the fuel injection appears to have just recently started. Something similar to this happened to me around the year 2009 - a part inside the fuel injection system suddenly melted and caused gas to heavily flow down the tube to the air filter and onto the engine and ground, in my 1989 Oldsmobile. I was very lucky that it had not burst into flames. The mechanic, who knew the car well, was baffled. "There is no way that this just suddenly happened all by itself," he had exclaimed. (But it remained a mystery, because neither of us knew of the laser weapons that are capable of remotely doing such things.) Shortly after this he started being targeted - his life turned upside down with one problem after another. I will never use him to prove what happened, because he'd probably not be allowed to survive it, if he has not been brainwashed into forgetting it. But this did indeed happen and appears to have been one of the many attempts to harm or kill me.

   I am being forced to use libraries for web access, at this point. And the public computers seem to be as infiltrated as my private ones have been. I hope that this sudden change does not give them a doorway to do things that can be blamed on the public computer use, instead of infiltration into my private one. Its sad to have to be suspicious of so much, but it is necessary to try to keep ahead of things that can really happen. I am not being allowed to put this post on my website in this public computer. The microwave targeting hit torture levels again lately. I am still in desperate need of protection from further targeting.