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Monday, July 27, 2015

Perpetual Care Cast in Stone

   Today, I parked under the cool shade of a large maple tree, in a New Hampshire grave yard. The first stone I noticed was a tall majestic looking thing, topped with a cross, and engraved with the name "Leary." How  ironic this seems, as I struggle to survive being heavily targeted while fighting to expose and help stop the technological and pharmaceutical destruction of the Heart of humanity. Over and over again I have had to push past that leery feeling, in order to follow what is left of my heart.
   I gazed past the "Leary" stone and was surprised to see the word "Hart" peeking out from behind it. I shifted my body, to see the whole stone, and found that it was engraved with the name "Hartnett." "What a wonderful name," I thought. "Hartnett." As I repeated the name a vision popped into my mind, of a bunch of evil crows shooting laser beams at the Hearts of Angels in the sky. But as the Hearts popped out of their bodies, they were being secretly caught by a net held in place by other Angels, who planned to return them to their rightful owners as soon as the crows left and thought their heartless job was complete.
   This may all sound a bit too imaginative, but it is VERY realistically symbolic of humanity losing its Heart due to technological and pharmaceutical mind control targeting.
   "Wow," I thought, as I got out of my car to walk over to the "Hartnett" grave stone. But my "wow" turned into something akin to awe as I read the words, which were engraved on its base - "PERPETUAL CARE." These two simple words surely carry enough depth to fuel any level of fading hope for the Heart of humanity to be saved. "That's what we need," I thought, "Heart Nets to catch and restore the Heart of humanity so that Care can never be destroyed." But can "Perpetual Care" really save humanity? I believe it can and will. We just need more of those Heart Nets and for the care to be cast in stone deep enough to remain perpetual as it exposes and stops the lethal targeting. I hope those crows had Heart Nets in place when theirs were shot out. Perhaps they will turn into Doves when their Hearts are replaced. I hope this happens soon.

   That really should be the end of the story, but, as I looked around, I saw a "Flynn" stone. (This had nothing to do with the "Flinstone" cartoon.) The "Flynn" grave stone resembled the "Leary" stone, and I imagined that they may have been competing with each other. . .until I saw yet another, almost identical one, which was engraved with the name "Jones." I came to the conclusion that they were both probably just trying to "keep up with the Jones's." I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I'm just finding all of this a bit too ironic. I'm in one of those rare moods that allows symbology to display a bit of clarity. I'm finding some of this as funny as the rest is heart touching. So, back to the Heart stuff. . .
   If I were to be buried under a stone, what would I want it to be? I'm not sure. But surely something different from most others. Perhaps a simple little heart with a rose engraved into it. . .or a concrete Angel with a protective hand held over her Heart, and a gentle face gazing toward the sky. . .watching over the Heart Net, so that it never falls and forever feeds humanity with Perpetual Care. Perhaps my heart could finally rest there.


P.S. Am I losing my mind? Maybe. And it gets worse; I later imagined that the "Heart Net" could be a protective film, wrapped around the Heart of humanity, which crows and laser beams can not penetrate. In reality this sort of protection, against radio waves, does really exist. Its called radio wave blockers. But, sadly, most of us are not allowed to obtain and use them. :-(

Friday, July 17, 2015

For Peace on Earth

   I was recently told about the "Peace Pole" project and found myself wondering, "How on Earth can peace prevail within a secret microwave jail?" And thinking about this inspired the following picture. . .

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Core Resolution

   How can any of our problems (small or large) be truly resolved while humanity is staggering under the suppression of technological mind control and its aiding pharmaceuticals, which are still being found in public drinking water?

Please help stop technological and pharmaceutical mind control
Please help save the Heart and Soul of humanity

Again. . .

Please print and share info on this site;

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Targeting of Deep Feelings and Prayers :-(

   I have mentioned this before, but it is so horrible and so wrong and so intrusive and so harmful that it deserves more attention.

   This evening (around 8pm.) I settled into doing a bit of meditating, which included deep breathing, praying and visualization. As soon as I reached just a shallow depth with it, the usual loud microwave ring in my ears started, and then the dreaded feeling, that seems to be some other form of weapon, and feels like my brain being held in a vice grip. This causes a dull ache through my whole head and face and blocks me. This particular type of weapon attack often happens when I have any depth of feelings - when I feel sad or angry as well as when I pray or meditate. It seems to happen only when my brain shifts into a certain mode - the mode that I need in order to survive.
   Deep meditative prayer has always been a life line for me, especially during tough times. But the freedom to feel and pray, in ways that are natural to me, have been being prevented! This is literally destroying me, on the inside. I am in desperate need of protection from further technological targeting.

Humanity Needs the Freedom to Feel, Pray and Heal


P.S.There are those who say that "If you are truly in the Light you can't be hurt." But this concept does not apply to physical attacks and tortures. And I have only heard it said by perpetrators who seem to use it as an excuse for abuse. Laser weapon and microwave weapon attacks are physical attacks. Even Jesus was not immune to being tortured and murdered. No human body can withstand tortures and attacks with any sort of weapon. And spiritually based people can be sensitive to even just normal levels of radio waves. Heavier doses hurt us. Technological tortures, that prevent the freedom to deeply pray and feel are destroying us! We need these crimes to be acknowledged and exposed and stopped. PLEASE understand and care.

And again. . .

   How can focusing on fixing the little problems (the gang stalking...etc.) have a positive outcome while it is all still being controlled by the big problem - the mind control?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Weapon Attacks to Brain

   Yesterday I did a small spontaneous speech at a church, exposing the covert program and my vision of uncontrolled citizens and government officials, around the globe, uniting in a stand against the technological and pharmaceutical crimes against humanity.
 Today I am experiencing painful weapon attacks to my brain through most of the day.

Please Read and Share this site;

P.S. My vehicle problems have not been cleared up yet. There appears to be intentional delays to keep me stranded in an area that is more heavily infiltrated. . .and possibly another plan to instigation another problem with it. Last night I was blocked from uploading files on my websites. And the perpetrators have been trying to convince me that things are getting better. I feel that things are worse - that the infiltration in America is at a critical point and is in desperate need of being immediately, openly and honestly stopped. I pray that they do not succeed with disabling my brain, body, car...etc., and are not allowed to continue recruiting and targeting people here in America as well as globally.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day Plea

   I beg government officials, around the globe, to PLEASE stop the covert war; please publicly expose the covert program - stopping its rapid growth and freeing those who are unwittingly enslaved in it. Please take immediate actions to stop all criminal use of microwave weapons, laser weapons and satellite systems. Please protect from further harm, those of us who are being heavily targeted/tortured.

   Please do not allow the Heart and Soul of humanity to continue being destroyed by
mind control technologies, their aiding pharmaceuticals and false "rescues" into human enslavement. Please also prevent the use of microwave weapons on the Earth and its atmosphere. Please restore Freedom and safety to all of humanity.  Please!

   As people celebrate Freedom, on this 4th of July weekend, my heart aches for our loss of it, and prays for its restoration. I pray for citizens and government officials, around the globe as well as in America, to unite into a peaceful fight against the targeting of humanity - to openly stand up and regain Freedom from technological, pharmaceutical and other forms of covert targeting.
    I believe that the "monolithic conspiracy," which JFK warned of, has set up covert operations that are recruiting and brainwashing people - pitting citizens against governments and governments against citizens as well as family members against each other. I beg you to follow your Heart above all else, and let that Heart lead you into an open, honest, compassionate stand for Freedom.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way
Through bullets hidden in microwaves,
And COURAGE, God...to make a STAND
That saves our lives and FREEs our land.

God Help Humanity

P.S. I have been deeply struggling with heavy targeting. I have just bounced back, yet another time, from what felt like an inner death, inflicted by laser weapons aimed at my brain...etc. I don't know how much longer I can hold up. I pray that you realize what is happening and do all that you can to help restore humanity's Freedom. I did a little speech at a church, exposing the covert program and the targeting, but do not know that any good can come of it. It appears that I am too surrounded and monitored. And I may stand alone with my view on the pitting and the vision.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Update on My Situation

   It appears that my vehicle is again being used to torture me. Constant problems in the same area are like an axe held over my head - like a constant threat to completely disable the vehicle, dump me on the streets and steal what little is left of my personal journals and other writings. I have gone to four garages and a new problem arises, in the same area that was worked on, literally every time. I am on my FIFTH attempt to fix it. This will be the third serpentine belt it needs within a month or two. They seem to just start fraying on their own! The pullies were already replaced, as well as the power steering pump and the power steering rack, which suddenly sprung a drastic leak directly after the first repair of the belt. Are they being lasered or tampered with after the mechanics work on it OR are the mechanics being instructed to keep the vehicle on the verge of breakdown? Either way this is extremely distressing, because the vehicle is now my only home as well as storage for what little is left of my personal belongings. Everything else has already been either taken from me or sabotaged, my country homes, my work, my loved ones, my freedom...etc.
   I feel scared and do not know what will happen next. I had planned to get a storage bin for my belongings so that I will not lose them if they disable my car and have it towed. But this has just been prevented.  They have me up against a wall with my car on the verge of total breakdown. I am under extreme levels of distress. Aside from the vehicle problems I continue to experience laser weapons and microwave weapon attacks, threats, covert harassment and extremely loud noise campaigns.

   I just realized that the dates of the creation of my web pages have been erased on all the index pages. And the index page of my Poetic Publications site is no longer being picked up by search engines on the web.

Please read this site and help spread the word

P.S. It appears that I am getting covert threats connected to next Monday.