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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Please Pray With Me

   For Light to surround the leaders of every nation and government agency until officials are able to safely stand up and fully expose the the covert targeting of humanity, so that the covert operation can stop growing and those who are enslaved can gain an understanding of what they are being used for and have the opportunity to regain their Freedom; for criminal use of all sorts of radio wave technologies, and the pharmaceuticals that aid their success, to be exposed and stopped; for all mind control victims to receive needed validation and regain the Freedom to naturally think, feel and grow; for those of us who are being technologically and psychologically tortured to be protected from further harm and have a chance to recover and rebuild our lives; for the covert war to end - for the Heart and Soul of humanity to move into a place of recovery - for  Love and Light to banish the dark.

Gods hands work through our Hearts.
We must do our part.

If there is nothing else you can do, please pray. If there are other things you can do, please pray as well. Visualize the Light of God shining around the globe. . .chasing out the dark until all is being restored.

Knotted Rope

Oh wrap me in Love until it goes away -
The anger, the pain and all that they say.
Fill me with strength to persevere and survive
To do the best I can as long as I'm alive.
Throw me a long line - a strong knotted rope
That I can hold onto when I lose my hope.
Fill my Faith for all with a bit for me
And help their leery minds
To understand and see.

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