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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dixie Chicks Targeted

   I remember when the Dixie Chicks were shunned from the music business. It was so sad and seemed so unfair that I couldn't understand. My daughters and I had a difficult time with it. I had wanted to make a statement about it, but was dealing with such heavy rounds of targeting, myself, that I never got around to it. I just ran across this video again and thought it a very appropriate thing to share here. I can deeply relate to this song, which the Dixie Chicks wrote about the targeting and their fight to wash their hands of it, while it grew and eventually destroyed their work. Notice the segment in this video that shows the doctor's office and Natalie refusing medication. It all reeks of the sadistic targeting that too many of us are experiencing. And I feel that the majority of the sadistic and cruel targetings are being done by those who infiltrate America. . .and those whom they control.
   I can not say that I agree with what Natalie said and how the Dixie Chicks handled the situation. But I believe in the freedom to think and feel and say what ever is genuine. . .and I don't think that they had ANY of those freedoms. I think that technological mind control played a HUGE roll in all of this.
   I feel that true American patriotism honors the Freedoms that our constitution laid out for us, and that hateful oppositions to that Freedom are actually part of the covert mind control induced interior "terrorism" that seems to be rapidly growing. The Heart of America has always been about the Freedom to live, think, feel and speak and we need those freedom's back.

   I believe in the Freedom to be openly honest
about what we think and feel. Not everyone has
to agree, but everyone should respect that right