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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Round of Threats?

   In the past several days I have been experiencing another round of an unusual amount of dead animals in roads I frequent. This appears to be covert threats. Most of the animals have been squirrels. Two were large birds (like a hawk or seagull). This linked with a dream I had, and a hurst parking in front of me yesterday, has me a bit concerned about estranged loved ones...etc. Am praying for safety for everyone. 

   I am also still going through rounds of vamped up radio waves being shot into my brain. It effects me worse when I'm under extreme distress, as seems to be the pattern of the targeting. . .to shove us into extreme emotional and mental distress before tuning up the mind control part of the targeting. I have been through many severe rounds of this since the mid 1990s. . .and have witnessed the same pattern happening to other victims.

    In the past few days I am also experiencing a heavy round of lasering to the spot in my vaginal area, where a microchip seems to have been implanted. I feel that they may be trying to remove it. I actually ended up with a sore on that spot yesterday morning. If they are trying to remove the microchip, it has me wondering if the chemical inflictions (like on toilet paper) in the past year and a half have been to cover up the lasering around the chip. The chemical attacks do seem to have begun after the time when I had openly mentioned having it. And there have been rounds of that spot being effected more than any other. But its been worse lately. Why would there be a vamped up push to remove the microchip right now?

P.S. I am in a terrible position where my vehicle appears to have been being slowly disabled in the past few weeks. New problems have oddly suddenly arose each time I get it repaired! I’m scared. It is my home, which contains what little is left of my writings. I pray that those who target me/us do not succeed with disabling me in any more ways than what has already been done. I also still  pray for desperately needed protection from further targeting...etc., for myself and others whom I know are also being heavily targeted.