My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Prayer

      I pray that the technological crimes, which are being committed against human beings, are exposed and stopped before too much more damage is done to too many. I pray that those of us who are being heavily targeted are protected from further harm. I pray that those who are enslaved in the covert program are set free. I pray that criminal use of radio wave technologies and pharmaceuticals...etc., is fully exposed so that it can be stopped and victims can gain the understanding that will be needed for recovery.

 Please read this site

As for me; My struggle to remain strong, on a psychological level is a difficult battle between vamp ups in the covert harassment and technological targeting. I am still being tortured with painful levels of weapon attacks to my brain when I deeply pray or cry or have any sort of depth of feelings. This has happened twice in the past two days.

And Friday I got what appeared to be another threat to have me put in prison if I do not leave - become silent.
Thoughts of the technological targeting continuing any longer is very upsetting. I am deeply concerned for all of us. This has gone on for too long and is hurting too many. I can not help but cry for all of us, lately. And I have been being tortured when I deeply pray or cry

 Aside from the confusing chaos and technological tortures that I am personally experiencing, I feel like I am trapped in a glass bottle watching the Heart and Soul of humanity being destroyed. . .and its breaking my heart.

Please do all that you can to help the mind control, and other 
parts of the targeting of humanity, to be fully exposed and stopped.

America, please stand up for Freedom and Liberty now.