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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Resurrection of this Blog

 Ramblings of a Targeted Individual -
The Resurrection
  (The files for this book have been erased from my computer and storage devices. Due to this I do not know if what was here and in my publishing company have remained in tact.! )

In order to be truly genuine
we must speak without thinking

   I tried to retrieve my original writings of this blog and am getting interference and a threat of ramifications for doing so. This is not complete and includes perpetration interference and possible alterations, until I can safely and privately edit it. But its the best I can do right now.

My original writings are not perfect, but they are a perfect example of what a Targeted Individual goes through, in a desperate fight to figure out and expose Hitler-style targeting, while still being targeted, threatened, shot with laser weapons and even sometimes brainwashed.

And I have a right to keep and share them.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Perfect Example

    The 4th 5th and 6th editions of the "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" book were wiped off of my websites and from some of my storage devices. As I did my own edits of this blog and it's book, it appears that some of my writings have been being erased or altered by those who target me and infiltrate my computers and blog...etc. Interference with my writings has been happening all along.  And I have recently made a few of my own editing mistakes out of fear and a desperate need for genuine help. (The ninth edition and this blog have been too severely edited.) Judging by what has been being erased, since early 2012, their goal appears to be to hide key articles that expose proof of microwave technologies and how long they have been in use, the primary proof the crimes being committed against us and the fact that it also targets our families to pit them against us and use them to help label us as "mentally ill" or to institutionalize us - the mind control part. (We are all victims.)
   I tried to retrieve my original writings of this blog and am getting interference and a threat of ramifications for doing so. But I was later able to pull this pdf together. Its not complete and includes perpetration interference and possible alterations, until I can safely and privately edit it. But its the best I can do right now.
The most complete version of this blog
  (The files for this book have been erased from my computer and storage devices. Due to this I do not know if what was here and in my publishing company have remained in tact.! )
My original writings are not perfect, but they are a perfect example of what a Targeted Individual goes through, in a desperate fight to figure out and expose Hitler-style targeting, while still being targeted, threatened, shot with laser weapons and even sometimes brainwashed.

And I have a right to keep and share them.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dixie Chicks Targeted

   I remember when the Dixie Chicks were shunned from the music business. It was so sad and seemed so unfair that I couldn't understand. My daughters and I had a difficult time with it. I had wanted to make a statement about it, but was dealing with such heavy rounds of targeting, myself, that I never got around to it. I just ran across this video again and thought it a very appropriate thing to share here. I can deeply relate to this song, which the Dixie Chicks wrote about the targeting and their fight to wash their hands of it, while it grew and eventually destroyed their work. Notice the segment in this video that shows the doctor's office and Natalie refusing medication. It all reeks of the sadistic targeting that too many of us are experiencing. And I feel that the majority of the sadistic and cruel targetings are being done by those who infiltrate America. . .and those whom they control.
   I can not say that I agree with what Natalie said and how the Dixie Chicks handled the situation. But I believe in the freedom to think and feel and say what ever is genuine. . .and I don't think that they had ANY of those freedoms. I think that technological mind control played a HUGE roll in all of this.
   I feel that true American patriotism honors the Freedoms that our constitution laid out for us, and that hateful oppositions to that Freedom are actually part of the covert mind control induced interior "terrorism" that seems to be rapidly growing. The Heart of America has always been about the Freedom to live, think, feel and speak and we need those freedom's back.

   I believe in the Freedom to be openly honest
about what we think and feel. Not everyone has
to agree, but everyone should respect that right

A Deadly Misconception

   Those who target us seem to have convinced officials, around the globe, that silence will prevent panic and help the situation. But I feel that the reverse is true - that the silence has helped this crisis to grow through many decades now. They are not to blame. They are victims of this as well. But the misconception needs to be broken, instead of erased from my writings...etc., which has happened with the erasing of a page which cried out for government to expose these crimes, in the original public writing of my Targeted in America book. I have felt afraid that, when that page was erased, it marked the time of a decision to keep this crisis hidden, which feels like a horrible mistake that serves only those who target us all.

I strongly feel that FULL awareness calms the confusion and helps people to pull together and support each other. People pulling together to support each other calms the fear.  And people having the opportunity to pull together and support each other, instead of being kept in separate pools of confusion and fear, is how Love can conquer the stealth of hate.

   But oddly, people seem to even be being brainwashed into thinking that those of us who are fighting to expose and stop these crimes, while being heavily targeted, are the ones who are instilling fear - are the "terrorists." How much more backwards can things possibly get?!!! Its the silence that is keeping people in a state of fear and confusion and fighting for Freedom in a covert war that is helping to destroy every Freedom humanity has ever known.

Please help break the silence that
Is helping them to hurt us all

Silence Hurts! 


This post was inspired by what appeared to be a covert accusation of me being a "terrorist" for aiming to expose these crimes in the previous post.

The "Rebirth of the" Reich Happened a Long Time Ago

   I just found an interesting "Death Ray" connection between Nikola Tesla's work and the research of Bernhard Schreiber in "THE MEN BEHIND HITLER - A German warning to the world."

On July 11, 1934 New York Times reported that Tesla invented the "Death Ray" - a particle beam weapon. Tesla had experimented with the effects of shooting radio waves into the body as well as into the atmosphere as he invented technologies, which included particle beam (laser) weapons, radio wave transmissions of sound, X-ray machines and weather modification technologies.

The start of a Technological Holocaust?

   In part of Schreiber's book, which appears to have been erased, he had spoken of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels bragging, in 1944 - after Hitler's Reich had fallen, about a secret weapon - a "death ray" that would lead to the "rebirth of the Reich." Quote by Schreiber; "The Nazis may have been disbanded, but the psychiatrists still linger on among us. Maybe this is the secret weapon Goebbels boasted about which would lead to the rebirth of the Reich - not a super-bomb and not a death ray, but a blueprint for a psychiatric slave state." Below is my previous post on the "Death Ray," which I was tortured for writing. I was also tortured when I found Dr Thomas Szasz around this same time in December of 2014.

Dr. Geobbels's Mystery Weapon

Never, in the history of humanity, has
There been a more critical time for the
Heart of citizens and governments to
Pull together in a stand for Freedom.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nikola Tesla

The start of a Technological Holocaust?


How can focusing on fixing the little problems (the gang stalking...etc.) have a positive outcome while it is all still being controlled by the big problem - the mind control?

   I have gone through rounds of responding to the popular push to focus more on exposing the smaller parts of the targeting. But, through it all, my heart and soul keep asking that same question; How can the little problems be effectively taken care of while the big problems are still manipulating the whole situation? Wouldn't the little problems be automatically fixed as the big ones, which cause them, are fixed?

   My edits to this blog, and the book of it - Ramblings of a Targeted Individual, have focused on removing names and anything that may be too offensive. In recent edits I have also aimed toward bypassing the smaller parts of my difficulties with the targeting, in order to bring more of a focus onto the larger problem, which is hurting EVERYONE - heavily targeted victims (like myself) as well as those who are enslaved in the covert program, which I believe includes government officials as well as citizens in America as well as globally. But it appears that more than this is being done to my writings.
   I have recently noticed that edition 7 (possibly 5 and 6 also) of the book of this blog has been being wiped out of my files and my websites. These editions contain more than this blog does. It seems like, as I do edits other things may be being altered or wiped out by those who target me and infiltrate my computers. I am concerned that perpetration may be manipulating something with the altering of my writings. But I am not sure what it is. And, until I am able to FREELY comb through my writings and figure it all out, I have re-posted edition 7 on Amazon, although it is in need of some decent editing and also may not have remained authentic. I pray that those who target humanity do not succeed with their manipulations. . .whatever they are.

Here are two editions I just re-posted

May the Good Win.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Plea to Global Governments

    I beg government officials, around the globe, to PLEASE not allow the Heart and Soul of humanity to continue being destroyed by mind control technologies, their aiding pharmaceuticals and "rescues" into human enslavement. Please do all that you can to restore Freedom for yourselves as well as the rest of humanity

God Help Humanity

Friday, June 19, 2015

Concern About Family Being Harmed

   I am still deeply concerned about my father. I have been getting what appears to be another round of covert threats against him. Those who target us seem to have a pattern of going after family members to punish their primary victim. I have also gotten rounds of threats against my children (primarily my oldest daughter) and other family members. I pray for their safety as well as mine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Like Being Imprisoned in a Glass Bottle

   Lately, I am again facing the magnitude of this crisis and it hurts indescribably.  I do not know what the future holds for those of us who have refused to be "rescued" into enslavement and are being heavily targeted/tortured, and those who are already enslaved mind control victims. It doesn't look very good, at this point. I have done all that I could to instigate help for all of us, but feel like I have been beating my head against a wall that merely builds itself taller each time I think I may be getting over it. Meanwhile, our lives, hearts and souls are being destroyed and it hurts like hell.
   I feel like I am imprisoned, and am being tortured, in a glass bottle. . .while watching the Heart and Soul of humanity being destroyed with mind control technologies. . .and its been breaking my heart. At this point there is nothing more I can do, beyond these staggering writings, which I hope are allowed to reach those who can do more. I have repeatedly combed through them, and this blog, in order to make them more objective, less offensive and less confusing and I hope they help, although they are certainly not perfect.

Please read and share these sites

"There Are People Dieing. . ."

   Worse than a physical death is the type of death that is taking place in the Heart and Soul of every long term mind control victim. The lasering or microwaving of people's brains, for the purpose of either torturing or controlling them, are horrible holocaustal crimes, which are in desperate need of being exposed so that they can be stopped and Freedom can be restored for all of humanity.

Please Let Your Heart Care

   My writings have a heavy focus on the mind control and pharmaceutical parts of the targeting, because I feel that it is the core problem, which is at the root of most other problems we face in our troubled world. It is not only hurting us, but is also preventing help from reaching us. I feel that it is the most dangerous thing humanity has ever had to face and is in desperate need of being immediately exposed and stopped for the future safety of all of humanity.

Please Stand Up for Humanity

   I am begging, from the bottom of my heart and soul, for leaders of every nation to PLEASE openly stand up against criminal use of all sorts of microwave weapons, especially those used for mind control. Please break the silence and be here for us. I believe that many of you are unaware victims as well. In standing up for us you are also standing up for yourselves and your loved ones.

Please Stop the Covert War

   I am also begging every member of the covert operations, which are used to help target us, to please step out and stand up. I believe that many of you are mind control victims who are being used by people who are destroying your Freedom as well as ours. Please stand up for your own future as well as the rest of humanity.

  Please Stand Up for Freedom From Mind Control

Please read this site

Microwaving of My Lungs to Mimic "TB"?

   Just a day or two before last nights sudden infliction of raw pain in my lungs, a puppet delivered the message "TB." (This is a common terrorizing technique) I have not been sick and my lungs feel like they are being microwaved in a way that is unusual. I remember microwave expert General Barrie Trower saying something about how they can make a person's lungs bleed with microwave targeting.
   I have also noticed a chemical odor suddenly appearing where I have been frequently parking. But the attack to my lungs felt more like a microwave attack, rather than a chemical one, because it came on later and so suddenly. It appears that they may be again doing one thing and then are trying to cover it up with something else.

   In the past couple years there appear to have been repeated attempts to have me shoved into a hospital, where I'd be far more vulnerable to those who target me. I feel that the medical profession is more corrupt than anything else. They are also again aiming to disable my vehicle.  I am in deep need of honest, open, protection from further targeting.

I pray they do not succeed.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Prayer

      I pray that the technological crimes, which are being committed against human beings, are exposed and stopped before too much more damage is done to too many. I pray that those of us who are being heavily targeted are protected from further harm. I pray that those who are enslaved in the covert program are set free. I pray that criminal use of radio wave technologies and pharmaceuticals...etc., is fully exposed so that it can be stopped and victims can gain the understanding that will be needed for recovery.

 Please read this site

As for me; My struggle to remain strong, on a psychological level is a difficult battle between vamp ups in the covert harassment and technological targeting. I am still being tortured with painful levels of weapon attacks to my brain when I deeply pray or cry or have any sort of depth of feelings. This has happened twice in the past two days.

And Friday I got what appeared to be another threat to have me put in prison if I do not leave - become silent.
Thoughts of the technological targeting continuing any longer is very upsetting. I am deeply concerned for all of us. This has gone on for too long and is hurting too many. I can not help but cry for all of us, lately. And I have been being tortured when I deeply pray or cry

 Aside from the confusing chaos and technological tortures that I am personally experiencing, I feel like I am trapped in a glass bottle watching the Heart and Soul of humanity being destroyed. . .and its breaking my heart.

Please do all that you can to help the mind control, and other 
parts of the targeting of humanity, to be fully exposed and stopped.

America, please stand up for Freedom and Liberty now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Round of Threats?

   In the past several days I have been experiencing another round of an unusual amount of dead animals in roads I frequent. This appears to be covert threats. Most of the animals have been squirrels. Two were large birds (like a hawk or seagull). This linked with a dream I had, and a hurst parking in front of me yesterday, has me a bit concerned about estranged loved ones...etc. Am praying for safety for everyone. 

   I am also still going through rounds of vamped up radio waves being shot into my brain. It effects me worse when I'm under extreme distress, as seems to be the pattern of the targeting. . .to shove us into extreme emotional and mental distress before tuning up the mind control part of the targeting. I have been through many severe rounds of this since the mid 1990s. . .and have witnessed the same pattern happening to other victims.

    In the past few days I am also experiencing a heavy round of lasering to the spot in my vaginal area, where a microchip seems to have been implanted. I feel that they may be trying to remove it. I actually ended up with a sore on that spot yesterday morning. If they are trying to remove the microchip, it has me wondering if the chemical inflictions (like on toilet paper) in the past year and a half have been to cover up the lasering around the chip. The chemical attacks do seem to have begun after the time when I had openly mentioned having it. And there have been rounds of that spot being effected more than any other. But its been worse lately. Why would there be a vamped up push to remove the microchip right now?

P.S. I am in a terrible position where my vehicle appears to have been being slowly disabled in the past few weeks. New problems have oddly suddenly arose each time I get it repaired! I’m scared. It is my home, which contains what little is left of my writings. I pray that those who target me/us do not succeed with disabling me in any more ways than what has already been done. I also still  pray for desperately needed protection from further targeting...etc., for myself and others whom I know are also being heavily targeted.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Please Pray With Me

   For Light to surround the leaders of every nation and government agency until officials are able to safely stand up and fully expose the the covert targeting of humanity, so that the covert operation can stop growing and those who are enslaved can gain an understanding of what they are being used for and have the opportunity to regain their Freedom; for criminal use of all sorts of radio wave technologies, and the pharmaceuticals that aid their success, to be exposed and stopped; for all mind control victims to receive needed validation and regain the Freedom to naturally think, feel and grow; for those of us who are being technologically and psychologically tortured to be protected from further harm and have a chance to recover and rebuild our lives; for the covert war to end - for the Heart and Soul of humanity to move into a place of recovery - for  Love and Light to banish the dark.

Gods hands work through our Hearts.
We must do our part.

If there is nothing else you can do, please pray. If there are other things you can do, please pray as well. Visualize the Light of God shining around the globe. . .chasing out the dark until all is being restored.

Knotted Rope

Oh wrap me in Love until it goes away -
The anger, the pain and all that they say.
Fill me with strength to persevere and survive
To do the best I can as long as I'm alive.
Throw me a long line - a strong knotted rope
That I can hold onto when I lose my hope.
Fill my Faith for all with a bit for me
And help their leery minds
To understand and see.

 Please read and share this site;


Tuesday, June 2, 2015