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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Tests

   Aside from the technological tortures and psychological harassment, those who target us put us through a variety of tests. This is incredibly sad because they do not seem to realize that when people sense something is a test - is not genuine, they react differently than they would if the situation were genuine, honest and private.  I do anyway.
   The first time I sensed this sort of testing was in the early 1990s, in Stonington Maine, where I had gone for a weekend outing with a meditation group I was attending. A feather had been left on a lawn with a piece of trash next to it. (I collected feathers for art projects, so the feather was of interest to me.) The test seemed to be to see if I'd just grab the feather or also pick up the trash. I intentionally only grabbed the feather.
   The most recent test involved them sending a little crippled man into my path three times, and in two different places, within a couple days. The test seemed to be if I would help him. I sensed the test and ignored him, because I don't appreciate being targeted and tested.
    I wonder how many Targeted Individuals fail the tests, just because their Wisdom tells them that the situation is not genuine and honest. I wonder what the tests are for. Are they to judge our morality or worth? Are they to find out if we are worthy of not being inflicted with brain damage and used as puppets? No matter what it is for, it does not feel good to me. I have no interest in passing the tests, or proving myself, to those who target me. I choose not to be tested, although I am not given a choice.

We need our Freedom back. We need protection
 from further targeting and testing and judgments.

P.S. I started experiencing torture levels of a weapon attack to my brain shortly after I posted this.At 1:54pm its still happening.