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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Please Be Aware of "Helpful" Perpetration Deceptions

   I have noticed a pattern of perpetration placing itself into positions of being  the ones to "help" their victims. This can be done with books, support groups, through befriending or "rescuing" us. . .and can lead us into deeper levels of hell or complete enslavement. I have even noticed that they have a pattern of sabotaging our work and then taking our place. Please become aware and do all that you can to stop this from continuing.

I had previously posted some of this on the help for TI pages but then erased it out of concern that it may prevent TIs from trusting REAL help. But I have decided that it needs to be known and we ALL need to be careful not to fall into the "helpful" perpetration traps that could land us into enslavement or the loss of our work and our lives.

We need help from people who are NOT targeting us.