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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Attack and Rescue Mission Orchestrated by Perpetration

   Today I experienced another severe attack to my brain, (more unusual than I have ever experienced). . .while being swarmed by what appeared to be another perpetration orchestrated (or overseen) covert "rescue" attempt. I am left feeling scared and deeply shaken by the intensity of the drug and/or technological attack.

   I pray that genuinely uncontrolled people find the Heart and Courage to stand up with those of us who are being too heavily targeted/tortured. . .for the sake of all of humanity.

Its safer to stand in the Light picture


P.S. I'm still a bit shaken. It also appears that I received two threats yesterday evening. This all appears to have been another one of the classic attack and rescue types of things that are either perpetration orchestrated  or overseen. Please be aware, TIs and others who may be used or watched in this type of process. I have experienced this so much, and have received so many warnings around it, (Like today) that I no longer trust anything that is covert. . .and am deeply concerned for those who do.

 Stand up America. Please stand up.