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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Terrifying Dilemma

   The dilemma that Targeted Individuals face is indescribably difficult and painful. Our fight to expose these crimes, with the hope of regaining our Freedom, is a brutal battle that struggles beneath powerful inflictions of mind control, which aim to manipulate us into blaming only our own government or completely innocent people. . .and rounds of chemical, laser and microwave weapon attacks on top of almost constant psychological harassment.
    As we struggle to find the Truths we are forced to deal with the agony of being disbelieved, abandoned, and sometimes even targeted, by our own loved ones. Our battle often becomes one to save our own lives - to prevent ourselves from being framed or falsely labeled as "mentally ill" and shoved into an institution or our lives taken over, in other ways, by relatives who have been brainwashed against us.
   In our desperate grope for professional help,  we fight to prove the crimes, to place blame - to hold someone responsible, with the hope that someday this hell can come to an end.  But this often feels like a futile battle, which merely zaps us of the little energy we can scrape up between relentless rounds of microwave and chemical attacks, because those who target us are good at covering their tracks and most of it is so covert that it can not be proven under the standards of our judicial systems. Even if it could be proven, there is not yet any law enforcement agency, that I know of, who is openly acknowledging the worst parts of these crimes - the technological part, although many of them appear to be victims as well. . .but perhaps this is why.
   Around the hell, that Targeted Individuals experience, a covert war rages. Its darkness is immense and its victims are not only inside its perimeter (on ALL sides) but also on the sidelines where innocent, defenseless and unaware people are being hurt or destroyed by the darkest of forces. . .which seem to control it ALL.

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