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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Call for the Proper Testing

   Many may question how we can know if our pain is natural or technologically induced. Heavily targeted victims - those of us who also experience covert harassment (gang stalking) are sometimes taunted by our abusers, who actually let us know what they are doing, in the form of covert threats before the technological attacks happen. We KNOW that we are being attacked, with microwave and laser weapons, and we need you to at least give us the benefit of your understandable doubt unless it is proven to not be true, through honest medical testing for cell structure damage...etc., and radio wave detection technologies. . .and NOT through having to prove our sanity through psychiatric tests and harmful pharmaceuticals, which have been pushed upon heavily Targeted Individuals, in order to determine if the symptoms are from “mental illness” or not. The medicating can not result in an accurate determination, because those who target us can just back off as soon as the drugs and "mental illness" labels have been applied. The psychiatric drugs actually aid the mind control part of the targeting. The whole process of falsely labeling/discrediting and medicating victims appears to be part of the targeting process, although it may be sometimes unwittingly carried out by people who are not aware of the most sly parts of the targeting and its goals to disable and discredit us...etc.
    There are technologies, which can detect or block microwave weapon intrusions. But possession of the blockers is illegal in most countries. And I have read a professional report, which stated concern about new detection technologies possibly having a filter built into them, which prevents detection of the low frequencies, which are used for the mind control part of the targeting.

P.S. Putting us into positions where we have to prove our sanity, through psychiatric evaluations, which can  be technologically or otherwise interfered with, merely adds to our distress at a time when we need the opposite. The parts of psychiatry, which blindly follow the DSM, have been exposed as corrupt by honest psychiatrists.
   According to microwave experts, medical and technological testing can prove the targeting. And this is what we need. Please stand with us against the crimes and aims to discredit us with psychiatric evaluations and disable us with psychiatric pharmaceuticals. We are in desperate need of honest protection from further targeting and distress. Please help us