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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Signs Posted on Vehicle Leads to Vehicle Malfunction?

   The day before yesterday I printed more posters, which I taped to the windows of my vehicle. Their basic messages included my website and, "Please stop the covert war - Please help stop people from being enslaved, harmed or destroyed." and "Please help save humanity from technological and covert targeting."
   Yesterday my vehicle suddenly started malfunctioning. This is extremely distressing, since it is my home and storage for all that I have left of my writings and other personal belongings. I took the signs off, with the hope that I'd be allowed to retain the vehicle, because they won't be seen if it is destroyed anyway. I'm up against a rock hard wall here. I don't know if I will be able to get my car fixed. Its still running but emits periodic loud noises and an unusual, strong burning odor.
   This morning I'm experiencing another painful weapon attack to my brain. My computers are being remotely shut down when those who target me do not approve of what I am doing...etc. I have had to continuously restart my computer as I post this. This happens to BOTH of my computers lately. Since today's invasions of my computer my browser was changed and the button to "reply" to emails is not working.
   Yesterday they had a puppet bark out, "Stop telling on us!" This seems insane to me, because they are the ones who need to stop targeting us. . .yet they seem to see my exposing it as the wrong. I'm so angry today that I am calling them cowardly psychopaths. Though this is obviously true my insulting them surely can't help the situation. I don't know how much longer I can survive this.

   I have updated the page, which describes my primary web site - I added a picture of myself so that people can feel a sense of who I am and that I am real.  http://www.targetedinamerica.com/aabout.html

Please print and share this site;

Friday, May 29, 2015

Intrusive Alterations

  I’ve had a serious problem with my computers being infiltrated by those who target me, and have periodically found alterations to my writings. This morning the red word - (their) in the article below, was inserted by those who have infiltrated my computer. This, as well as many previous alterations, have made me wonder about how much of this has been done without my realizing it. Its amazing how just the changing or misspelling of one word, or the plugging in of one word, can alter the whole meaning of a statement or make it too confusing to keep the reader interested. . .and I guess this is their intention. But today's alteration seemed a bit senseless.
   Unfortunately I have no way of protecting my computer or purchasing a new one. In the past, when I've tried to have my computers fixed, the shops used to call them "viruses." Those are the only times that I have heard the intrusive behaviors of stalkers referred to as "viruses."

Please do not let this discredit the rest of my writings, because I find that changes do not happen after I print them. Its just getting to that printing process that the alterations have been made. I have had to repeatedly comb through my writings. And most of them have been printed and also put in different formats.

 Altered Excerpt From Microwave and Laser Weapons Article

   Some reports state that the types of microwave and laser weapons, which are used on (their) Targeted Individuals, are locally operated from nearby buildings or vehicles. Some state that it is being done through cell phones, computers and other technologies being flooded with unusual concentrations of radio waves (microwaves). Some state that the beams of radio waves are being directed through satellites and/or through the types of technologies that bounced radio waves off of the ionosphere in order to be redirected to a distant target. Some state that people are being targeted through a network that utilizes things like cell towers. And some cover the crimes and try to make us look crazy for standing up against them.
Common sense tells me that any technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves can be criminally used. If satellites can direct radio waves to a person's home or computer for internet access, they can also direct them, in more intense frequencies, at a person. Many of my experiences have proven to me that this is indeed happening (VERY remotely) and that it is being done in conjunction with satellite viewing systems, no matter what other technologies are being used.
Research can be difficult, because privately owned laser technologies, and their criminal applications, are not publicly advertised. And neither are those that were designed as weapons for secret military use. But I hope you let your Heart give my testimony, and that of other targeted individuals, the benefit of your doubt, because we are being hurt and are in need of people believing us and protecting us from further harm. This could benefit you as well, because criminal use of radio wave technologies can only grow and get worse until it is openly detected and stopped.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Call for the Proper Testing

   Many may question how we can know if our pain is natural or technologically induced. Heavily targeted victims - those of us who also experience covert harassment (gang stalking) are sometimes taunted by our abusers, who actually let us know what they are doing, in the form of covert threats before the technological attacks happen. We KNOW that we are being attacked, with microwave and laser weapons, and we need you to at least give us the benefit of your understandable doubt unless it is proven to not be true, through honest medical testing for cell structure damage, micro chips...etc., and radio wave detection technologies. . .and NOT through having to prove our sanity through psychiatric tests and harmful pharmaceuticals, which have been pushed upon heavily Targeted Individuals, in order to determine if the symptoms are from “mental illness” or not. The medicating can not result in an accurate determination, because those who target us can just back off as soon as the drugs and "mental illness" labels have been applied. The psychiatric drugs actually aid the mind control part of the targeting. The whole process of falsely labeling/discrediting and medicating victims appears to be part of the targeting process, although it may be sometimes unwittingly carried out by people who are not aware of the most sly parts of the targeting and its goals to disable and discredit us...etc.
    There are technologies, which can detect or block microwave weapon intrusions. But possession of the blockers is illegal in most countries. And I have read a professional report, which stated concern about new detection technologies possibly having a filter built into them, which prevents detection of the low frequencies, which are used for the mind control part of the targeting.

P.S. Putting us into positions where we have to prove our sanity, through psychiatric evaluations, which can  be technologically or otherwise interfered with, merely adds to our distress at a time when we need the opposite. The parts of psychiatry, which blindly follow the DSM, have been exposed as corrupt by honest psychiatrists.
   According to microwave experts, medical and technological testing can prove the targeting. And this is what we need. Please stand with us against the crimes and aims to discredit us with psychiatric evaluations and disable us with psychiatric pharmaceuticals. We are in desperate need of honest protection from further targeting and distress. Please help us

More Concerned. . .

   Every day that passes leaves me more concerned for those who are being destroyed. . .and the growth of the criminal program, that is recruiting/enslaving people, while the rest of the world is being distracted by other things. I pray for those who can expose and stop this to do so as quickly as possible. Please stand up for Freedom for ALL of humanity. Please.

Friday, May 22, 2015

New "Personal Growth" Page...etc.

Personal Growth - A Precious Gift

Updated Microwave and Laser Weapons

I got the usual interference and delays with posting the new writings above. My computer kept actually being shut down! And the index page of my  Targeted in America site was completely erased as I tried to add these pages to it. My computers are still infiltrated! And, through all that I got an email with a "delivery status failure notice" as if I had sent emails. But I didn't. This happens every now and then and I have no idea what its about.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Biblical Forewarning Awaiting Prevention

   The whole covert targeting process of pitting family members against each other is probably the most excruciating part of the targeting that many of us are experiencing. The same thing appears to be happening on a larger scale, with government and citizens being pitted against each other, especially here in America. I believe that most of it is being done with mind control technologies, which are aided by pharmaceuticals that are being forced upon humanity in a variety of ways.

    We have been forewarned of this destructive process, of dark forces pitting family members against each other, through the Christian bible as well as other sources. I feel that forewarnings are for prevention and that this one is long over due.  I feel that we are being called to stand up and save the Heart and Soul of humanity from further technological targeting.

       Perhaps part of the problem, with the right government officials not yet standing up for us, is the possibility of new microwave detection technologies having a filter built into them, which prevents the detection of the frequencies of microwaves, which are used for mind control. Perhaps the extent of the technologically inflicted mind control is not as well known as it needs to be. And the secrecy is aided through witnesses and victims, like myself, being threatened and tortured into exposing only the "gang stalking" instead of the more destructive, and more easily proven, technological parts of the targeting.

  Please do all that you can to expose and stop the lethal technological and pharmaceutical targeting of humanity. . .not only to stop the damage that is being inflicted, but to also allow the understanding, which is needed for victims to fully recover.

I believe that Michael Jackson was a heavily Targeted Individual so this song seems very appropriate to again share.

My Stand

   I have felt shocked each time I back up and look at the scope of what is happening to people through the technological and pharmaceutical part of targeting

   My own experiences with being targeted, sometimes literally tortured, continues to hurt me in depths that are difficult to fully explain. I can understand, through direct experience, how easy it is to let anger and misplaced blame rise from the well of pain that grows inside heavily Targeted Individuals, especially when we are not aware of the pharmaceutical and technological mind control parts of the targeting, which are used to victimize our own loved ones against us.
    Remotely inflicted Technological mind control is the most hidden and disbelieved part of the targeting. I have been warned, since my initial contacts with TI's on the web, to not openly mention mind control, due to reports of Targeted Individuals being institutionalized, or destroyed in other ways, for exposing it. But I have witnessed too much of it's destructive effects, on too many people, to be silent about it. . .no matter what the outcome. 
   As I began to fully realize the mind control parts of the targeting, I began feeling more compassion for some of those who have been literally enslaved and used (as puppets) to harm me. I feel that there is no excuse for criminal or harmful behaviors; no one should be allowed to intentionally hurt fellow human beings, in any way or form. BUT there is a core element in some of the crimes that are being committed against ALL of us, which cannot be ignored, because it is what turns decent people into criminals. . .and this is what should be stopped above and beyond all else. . .for the safety and wellbeing of all of humanity. I feel that criminal/sadistic use of mind control technologies and the pharmaceuticals, which aid their success, are our worst enemy and it must be stopped, because it is hurting us as well as the puppets who are used to hurt us.  There are victims on all sides of this covert war.

   There was a time when all I felt was deeply hurt by loved ones who turned against me. I had pulled away from some of them in the early 1990s, but it continued and one of them even later slandered me on the web saying things like, "Disasters happen everywhere she goes because she is evil...etc." (This was just before the Alstead, NH flood wiped out my neighborhood.) A list of things like this could go on and on and on.  My loved ones have been used to target me in ways that have hurt me indescribably.      
    Even my own daughters had been brainwashed into trying to institutionalize me. They have been victims of covert targeting since before birth. Both of them are mind control victims. Both of them have gone through episodes of being physically and emotionally tortured in various ways. They may not remember it, due to the brainwashings, but I do. I have to try not to think of this much, because there is nothing I can do about it. . .and I hurt so much for them that it is unbearable, literally. I had to take a break from writing this due to being so struck with grief over what they have gone through and what they have been deprived of. . .and the fact that I was not able to protect them from it. My pain is excruciating, but their pain may be greater than mine if they ever realize what has happened to us. And I pray that they do get a chance to realize it so they can start healing from it.

   Most long terms Targeted Individuals seem to experience loved ones being brainwashed against them, but do not seem to understand why or how. While being tortured, and having every possible source of support and help cruelly torn from us, it’s easy to blame the ones who are used to hurt us. But the core truth is that they are also being hurt - they are victims as well.
   Since I started gaining an understanding of the mind control and pharmaceutical parts of the targeting, then looked back at events that prove how my loved ones are technological mind control victims, I feel for them as much as myself. . .sometimes more so. Like I have stated before. . .

We are all victims of hell
Surely me, but them as well.

 The whole targeting process of pitting family members against each other is probably the most excruciating part of the sadistic/satanic targeting. The same thing is happening on a larger scale, with government and citizens being pitted against each other.
   I believe that many people, from all walks of life, are unaware mind control victims. If we keep blaming "the government" and our families, instead of addressing and stopping the core problem, which is hurting them as well. . .perpetration keeps winning and the lethal covert program keeps growing. Hasn't this already been happening for too long?

      Perhaps part of the problem, with the right government officials not yet standing up for us, is the possibility of new microwave detection technologies having a filter built into them, which prevents the detection of the frequencies of microwaves, which are used for mind control. I sense that many of them are victims too. Perhaps the extent of the technologically inflicted mind control is not as well known as it needs to be. And the secrecy is aided through witnesses and victims, like myself, being threatened and tortured into exposing only the "gang stalking" instead of the more destructive, and more easily proven, technological parts of the targeting.

  ALL of humanity is in desperate need of criminal use of mind control technologies being exposed and stopped as quickly as possible. Not only to stop the damage that is being inflicted, but also to allow the understanding, which is needed for victims to fully recover.
   PLEASE face and help stop the lethal reality of technological mind control, that is either torturing or enslaving, growing numbers of people. . .while most of us blame only the victims who are used as puppets under the worst of criminals. Some of those puppets were good people who would not engage in such criminal behaviors without being tortured or force medicated/drugged and technologically controlled. I really do sometimes hurt for them more than I hurt for myself, because I know some who have been tortured or brain damaged and may never be able to recover.  People are being hurt in all parts of this hell. And the hurt just needs to stop.

    Does my stand mean that I will finish being destroyed? My heart and soul feels that I must continue standing up anyway.  I cannot live with even just the thought of intentionally aiding the continued destruction of people's lives ; of people's hearts and minds and their natural process of personal growth. . .through obeying the demands for silence.  Please stand with me - please help expose, and stop the growth of, these horrible crimes against humanity.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Plea to Humanity

   I wrote this poem a few years ago and had hoped that it would reach the Heart of estranged family members. It rose from the pain in those of us who have been targeted into isolation. And it has remained an unfilled plea for me. My biological family has been targeted for so long that there seems no hope for them to do anything but continue their blind aim to try to have me declared "mentally ill" and/or institutionalized. This is the sad case for most long term Targeted Individuals. And those who target us often zoom in to be the ones to "help" us. . . and this is dangerous when we have no one else to turn to. So, this is a plea for the rest of humanity (those who are not controlled by perpetration) to be our supportive family, for themselves and our estranged family members as much as for us. . .so that the covert targeting and technological brainwashing and deceitful recruiting can someday end and humanity can be safe again.

I don't want to be left to
Evil pretenses of helping hands.
I need to be comforted
By those who can care to understand.
I don't want to be declared insane
For their hateful gain.
I need you to soothe my wounds
Instead of inflicting more pain.
I don't want you to watch
From a silent distance while I die.
I need you here beside me
As I pray to God and cry.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

All of Humanity Saved.

Hope Renewed

When I look up to the sky
And Hawk flies into view
My hope returns
A bit renewed.
And the same goes
With Doves and Geese -
They fly in and
Hope is released.
If distance were not
Their closest friend
Perhaps the hell
Could somehow end.
Not through covert games -
Not to be remotely enslaved,
But through an open stand -
All of humanity saved.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Break the Chains of Secrecy

   Judging by my experiences and insights. . .those who do the technological targeting thrive in, and succeed with, covert secrecy and keeping heavily Targeted Individuals separate from all genuine sources of help.

Please Break the Chains of Secrecy and Save Our Lives

   I pray that the chains of secrecy, which support torturous technological targeting, pharmaceutical harm, covert harassment and human enslavement are soon shattered, the crimes stopped and recovery beginning. I pray that people around the globe, especially those who hold influential government and media positions, quickly pull together in groups and let their Hearts openly stand up against these crimes for those of us who are being harmed. . .ultimately for all of humanity.

   I pray that, if criminal use of microwave and laser weapons can not be quickly stopped, they be somehow disabled. The destruction, pain and torture, that many of us are experiencing, is just too horrible and wrong to be allowed to continue and grow. For the sake of all of humanity, please help bringing this holocaust to an end. Please.

Please Stop These Crimes, Before its Too Late for Too Many.

Even if people were standing with me I'd still be in deep need of protection from ALL levels of the targeting.

Painful Weapon Attack to My Brain

   I am experiencing a painful, heat inducing laser/microwave weapon attack to the top left side of my brain. Lately, I am more concerned than ever, about damage to my brain from these attacks. I am in deep need of honest and non-covert - non-perpetration protection from further harm. Please do all that you can to expose and stop these crimes for all our sakes.


P.S. 11:03am I experienced a severe, torture level attack to the whole upper part of body after posting this. Then it switched to an attack in the area of my heart, then my stomach and then the right side of my brain. I think they are letting me know what they can do to me and are proving that this is indeed a weapon attack. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Attack and Rescue Mission Orchestrated by Perpetration

   Today I experienced another severe attack to my brain, (more unusual than I have ever experienced). . .while being swarmed by what appeared to be another perpetration orchestrated (or overseen) covert "rescue" attempt. I am left feeling scared and deeply shaken by the intensity of the drug and/or technological attack.

   I pray that genuinely uncontrolled people find the Heart and Courage to stand up with those of us who are being too heavily targeted/tortured. . .for the sake of all of humanity.

Its safer to stand in the Light picture


P.S. I'm still a bit shaken. It also appears that I received two threats yesterday evening. This all appears to have been another one of the classic attack and rescue types of things that are either perpetration orchestrated  or overseen. Please be aware, TIs and others who may be used or watched in this type of process. I have experienced this so much, and have received so many warnings around it, (Like today) that I no longer trust anything that is covert. . .and am deeply concerned for those who do.

 Stand up America. Please stand up.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Tests

   Aside from the technological tortures and psychological harassment, those who target us put us through a variety of tests. This is incredibly sad because they do not seem to realize that when people sense something is a test - is not genuine, they react differently than they would if the situation were genuine, honest and private.  I do anyway.
   The first time I sensed this sort of testing was in the early 1990s, in Stonington Maine, where I had gone for a weekend outing with a meditation group I was attending. A feather had been left on a lawn with a piece of trash next to it. (I collected feathers for art projects, so the feather was of interest to me.) The test seemed to be to see if I'd just grab the feather or also pick up the trash. I intentionally only grabbed the feather.
   The most recent test involved them sending a little crippled man into my path three times, and in two different places, within a couple days. The test seemed to be if I would help him. I sensed the test and ignored him, because I don't appreciate being targeted and tested.
    I wonder how many Targeted Individuals fail the tests, just because their Wisdom tells them that the situation is not genuine and honest. I wonder what the tests are for. Are they to judge our morality or worth? Are they to find out if we are worthy of not being inflicted with brain damage and used as puppets? No matter what it is for, it does not feel good to me. I have no interest in passing the tests, or proving myself, to those who target me. I choose not to be tested, although I am not given a choice.

We need our Freedom back. We need protection
 from further targeting and testing and judgments.

P.S. I started experiencing torture levels of a weapon attack to my brain shortly after I posted this.At 1:54pm its still happening.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Message From an Angel


This song/poem sometimes soothes my wounds and helps me feel less alone with my grief.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Most Controversial Part of the Targeting

 [UPDATE; As I realize more of the targeting methods and their sly manipulations this may have all been orchestrated to make me blame the DOT for more than they were responsible for. The criminals who are targeting me were targeting me before ad after a small part of the DOT was used in that process. There was a time when I had blamed the DOT for pulling the rug out from under my feet and for a the hell that I had experienced after that. But the Truth is that they were only used. . .like many others have been used to help target me, including family members and an uncountable number of  businesses. This now isn't about blaming the NH DOT - its about proving the targeting. . .for all our sakes.] More about my experiences with the targeting are in my Targeted in America book; http://www.poeticpublications.com/booktia6.pdf

Read more information on

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Please Be Aware of "Helpful" Perpetration Deceptions

   I have noticed a pattern of perpetration placing itself into positions of being  the ones to "help" their victims. This can be done with books, support groups, through befriending or "rescuing" us. . .and can lead us into deeper levels of hell or complete enslavement. I have even noticed that they have a pattern of sabotaging our work and then taking our place. Please become aware and do all that you can to stop this from continuing.

I had previously posted some of this on the help for TI pages but then erased it out of concern that it may prevent TIs from trusting REAL help. But I have decided that it needs to be known and we ALL need to be careful not to fall into the "helpful" perpetration traps that could land us into enslavement or the loss of our work and our lives.

We need help from people who are NOT targeting us.

An Erased Poem

 The following poem appears to have just been erased from the side of my blog within the past two days. I wrote it for Targeted Individuals and have replaced it.

Don't Give up
Don't ever think we will not escape,
Or that our rescue will remain too late.
Don't give them the power. Don't let them win.
Don't let hope fade. Don't give up again.
Cast aside their darkness and let the Light sing.
Climb up on their stones and raise your broken wing.


Oddly the above poem was erased directly after I moved it up with my video for Targeted Individuals to the right of this blog, AND around the time of receiving an email requesting public use of another poem for the support of TIs, which many would perceive as "negative,"  although its not, because it was not written for TIs - it was written for the rest of humanity as a way to help them realize our plight.

And this gives me another opportunity to address the misperception of  the honest exposure of crimes, and the plight of victims, as being "negative." This "negative" label is merely a way to hide the crimes and make the victims, or those who report them, wrong. This is a perpetration thing. This "negative" poem, shown below, is actually a VERY positive depiction of the devastating reality of the plight of Targeted Individuals around the globe. 

Exposing the darkness is what turns it toward the Light. Exposing the crimes and our plight is what can spir people into finding the heart to stop it from continuing.

 I hope this picture helps people realize the horrible reality of what is happening and has continued for decades. We are suffering in ways that no human being should suffer and good genuine help has not yet been able to stand up for us. I hope this picture encourages people, around the globe, to openly stand up against these crimes, in order to stop the destruction of our lives and save the rest of humanity from such harm. (This picture had been erased from my blog as well. Both had been posted in early 2012.)

P.S.  It appears that those who target us have been destroying those who could help humanity and Targeted Individuals, and sabotaging our work, and stepping into our shoes. Another sad and devastating reality that all of humanity needs to realize and face and not allow to continue. Can you imagine the dangers in allowing perpetration to continue their pattern of pretending to be "help" for Targeted Individuals? I hope so, because this needs to stop. They even zoom in to try to covertly "rescue" us from themselves, in order to fully enslave us into their covert program! TIs, please become aware and be very careful who you trust. The darkest of perpetration often wears a mask of being the kindest and most helpful.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Terrifying Dilemma

   The dilemma that Targeted Individuals face is indescribably difficult and painful. Our fight to expose these crimes, with the hope of regaining our Freedom, is a brutal battle that struggles beneath powerful inflictions of mind control, which aim to manipulate us into blaming only our own government or completely innocent people. . .and rounds of chemical, laser and microwave weapon attacks on top of almost constant psychological harassment.
    As we struggle to find the Truths we are forced to deal with the agony of being disbelieved, abandoned, and sometimes even targeted, by our own loved ones. Our battle often becomes one to save our own lives - to prevent ourselves from being framed or falsely labeled as "mentally ill" and shoved into an institution or our lives taken over, in other ways, by relatives who have been brainwashed against us.
   In our desperate grope for professional help,  we fight to prove the crimes, to place blame - to hold someone responsible, with the hope that someday this hell can come to an end.  But this often feels like a futile battle, which merely zaps us of the little energy we can scrape up between relentless rounds of microwave and chemical attacks, because those who target us are good at covering their tracks and most of it is so covert that it can not be proven under the standards of our judicial systems. Even if it could be proven, there is not yet any law enforcement agency, that I know of, who is openly acknowledging the worst parts of these crimes - the technological part, although many of them appear to be victims as well. . .but perhaps this is why.
   Around the hell, that Targeted Individuals experience, a covert war rages. Its darkness is immense and its victims are not only inside its perimeter (on ALL sides) but also on the sidelines where innocent, defenseless and unaware people are being hurt or destroyed by the darkest of forces. . .which seem to control it ALL.

 more may be added soon

Please Help Stop the Covert War

The Atempted "Accident" and Another Chemical Attack

   Early yesterday, a puppet had said, "I hope they take her car" and, within a few hours, a car pulled into a street in front of me and then quickly backed out into my lane. Was this a puppet trying to make me get into an accident that would look like it was my fault? It appears so.

   A couple days ago, I approached the yogart section of a grocery store, as a woman wearing a back pack quickly walked away from the spot I usually head for. Then I suddenly had a sneeze attack. . .as if I had breathed in something. . .and now have a problem with my sinuses and deep dark circles under my eyes. I think its largely due to the microwaves, though. I am wondering if some of the localized chemical stuff is sometimes used to hide the symptoms of remotely inflicted weapon attacks. This appears to also be happening with the lasering of my vaginal area. After I posted that I had cuts and bruising from weapon attacks. . .they suddenly started a process of putting some sort of chemical or bacteria on toilet paper. This has created an ongoing uncomfortable and sometimes painful problem that has not let up since the fall of 2013. There seems no way around it. I could use toilet paper that I keep with me in my car, but they access my vehicle as well.

Please help stop these sorts of crimes from continuing.

   Yesterday I continued to experience a laser attack to my brain, and/or residual effects from the 3:00am attack, through most of the day. Between periods of pains shooting into my head I tried to focus on my writings, but was not very successful. I did a lot of frustrated venting and let my mind spin in circles trying to figure out how the targeting and the covert war can be stopped. I came up with no solutions, that I can accomplish on my own and while being so heavily targeted, accept for continuing with my writings, and be as objective as I can, in between being attacked and harassed, which is too overwhelming and painful to do a very good job, but I am plugging on. . .and I hope it reaches those who need it or can do more.

Please read and share this site;

P.S. My computers and email are still infiltrated so please just be aware and disregard anything unusual. Recently I had tried to respond to an email and, each time I pushed the reply button, the page shifted into looking like an email had already been sent.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Attacking of my Dreams, my Heart - my Soul

   This morning (at around 3am) I experienced a sudden attack to my brain while I was having a dream. I was jolted awake with a sudden infliction of pain shooting into the top left part of my brain, nausea and an urge to run for the bathroom. . .then pain in my heart. This is not nearly the first time I've experienced a weapon attack while having a dream. Attacks have also often happened when I have any sort of depth of feeling and even when praying with any level of intensity. Even when I'm not undergoing a severe attack there is an almost constant ring in my ears - an intrusive, numbing, distracting reminder that I have no freedom and no privacy. . .not even for praying.

I am in desperate need of protection from further harm.

 The technological destruction of our Hearts and Souls is JUST TOO HORRIBLY WRONG and should not be allowed to continue. Please do all that you can to quickly stop criminal use of microwave and laser weapons.


   As I write this puppets are swarming me. I had rushed to an all night gas station after being so cruelly woken. They are angrily slamming doors and beeped a horn as I post this. . .as if I am supposed to let them torture me and not say anything about it! The torture level of pain is still in my head and I still feel nausea an hour later. Like every other time when being tortured I find myself wondering how long it will last and if I will be less whole and more damaged when they are through.

Later; I'd  had a prophetic dream, long ago, which stated that doors were not going to be allowed to open for me until they finish taking something out of me. Exactly what this "something" is, what the door is and what it all implies about how much control the perpetrators have. . .is unclear, but does not look good. It is probably about the destruction of part of my brain - the part that has continued to be lasered all day today - the part that has been being damaged in an uncountable number of other victims of these crimes. Though forewarnings are for prevention I do not know if this is preventable, because it depends on other people being here for us. I have tried in every possible way and have been unable to reach the heart of anyone who will acknowledge these crimes or dare to stand up against them with me or any other victim I know of. And there are still ongoing efforts to covertly force me into the enslavement program under the guise of a "rescue."