My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, April 6, 2015

I Stand Alone

   Yesterday was hell. Lot of emotions coming up and torture levels of lasers drilling into my head through most of the day. The torture seemed to intensify each time I cried and started the day before as I was prevented from getting a bit of help. It appears that I am still surrounded by multiple groups who are still playing covert games and issuing threats against both my family members and I.
   I am getting such obvious threats about government stuff that it still appears that perpetration wants me to be blaming the government. If this were really the government threatening me, it would not be so obvious. Of this I am sure, but I can not help but wonder sometimes, especially when I am being heavily microwaved,  because its all so painful and confusing and no one is here for us. I pray for the good in our government to grow and openly stand up against the covert infiltration so that we can know that they are here for us and so that we can have our Freedom back.
   There have been times when I've thought that parts of the covert stuff could be genuine help, but so much of it is negative and controlling, and the whole covert scene is so confusing and bad for me, that none of it feels good to me. 
   I wish that good decent people would just find the Heart and the courage to stand up with me and other victims instead of adding to our distress. Until/unless this happens I stand alone and choose no side. The only people whom I'd feel comfortable fully trusting are those who demonstrate kindness and consideration and whom I can openly talk to (face to face) so that I know who it is and if they are trustworthy.

I am in desperate need of financial help. I am living in a vehicle and those who target me are again trying to leave me stranded and at their mercy. Please let your Heart send what you can. Thank you.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057