My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Help the Good to Grow. . .

I still feel like I am being slammed by all sides. Am being hit with one thing after another. . .now being deprived of financial help again when my stress levels are already off the charts!

I started a new "about" page on this blog today. It appears that the previous one was erased and this one was disabled after I posted it. But the info I'd put in it is here. . .

 This blog has been a process of my realizing and exposing the targeting while I am still being targeted. And its areas of confusion or disarray reflect this gruelling process. I have also experienced periods of infiltration in my computers and alterations to my writings, especially from 2011 to 2014. I have done my best to comb through it and make it as accurate and objective as possible, but am surely not doing a perfect job of it while being targeted. So, please excuse the mistakes, hold the semantics and let your Heart focus on the core issues I am exposing.

   When I first started realizing the technological part of the targeting I was hit hard with threats and laser shots and an attempt to have me institutionalized. (These sorts of threats continue and jump from one thing to another.)
   After surviving this round of terror, my fear and anger at such injustices, along with the continued microwaving, sometimes clouded my judgment. At first I saw EVERYONE who seemed involved as a perpetrator. But then, as I realized the scope of the mind control part, I realized that many of those who have treated me so horribly are unaware victims of mind control. (This is why I call them puppets.) I feel that I can not fully blame most of the veterans, or other citizens, who have played obvious rolls in the gang stalking, or any of the law enforcement that has not helped in the ways that I (and many others) have desperately needed it. . .because the only ones who deserve FULL blame are those who are enslaving people, brainwashing people and issuing the orders to deprive us of help, torture us and aim to force us into enslavement. I believe that most of those who follow these orders are good decent people who either do not realize what  they are following or are completely brainwashed and that they all need to be informed and set free.
   I pray that the covert war stops; that victims stop hurting each other and stand up to set themselves free; that those of us, who are being literally tortured, have the honest and open protection we need; that the leaders of this holocaust are put behind bars where they can not hurt anyone anymore; and for ALL criminal use of microwave weapons, laser weapons, psychotronic weapons...etc., be quickly exposed and stopped, in order to help victims to gain understanding and safety from further harm so that recovery can begin.