My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Slam and a Hug

Around 6:45 am; I received a VERY loud and clear message this morning, which basically said, "I think she's a liar and a co-conspirator and she should go to jail."

Later; A woman at a grocery counter looked at me and said, "You always look so sad." I replied, "Probably because I am" and held back from saying 'ya, there are people being tortured and destroyed in a world that just carries on and pretends that none of it is really happening...'  She asked me if I wanted a hug and tears choked me up through a nice caring hug and for a while afterwards. It is far too rare for me to experience such kindness and compassion. And I am dealt far too much of the opposite.

   The hug helped me to forget the slam, although the slam's bashing of my hope lingered and eventually resurfaced, because this is one of the many things that perpetration wants people to think. Are they succeeding? I guess only time will tell the Truth.

P.S. Around this slam are pushes for me to remove data from my cell phone - messages and pictures. My phone keeps beeping with a box that pops up asking me to erase saved messages. This has happened several times in the past as well and it happens when the message box is NOT nearly full. IT APPEARS THAT THIS IS A WAY TO FORCE ME INTO DELETING EVIDENCE. And it is effective because,the phone appears to not work if I don't.