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Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Technological Holocaust Site

I just purchased www.technologicalholocaust.com. I had tried, and had been blocked from it in 2012 when I wrote my first Technological Holocaust paper. Its now being available to me has me feeling both excited and a bit suspicious. There are so many manipulations in the targeting that its often difficult to figure out what they are until its too late. There seems to have been an ongoing push to hide my old writings. I've had dates on files altered in various ways...etc. And I am sensing an issue, with those who target me, connected to my keeping my old files in tact on my Targeted in America site. My recent dream about "files" has me wondering, but I'm not sure what they are up to. I hope that nothing but good comes from this change.
   I am excited about finally getting the domain, because the Technological Holocaust issue is a global one that had needed its own site. Now that I've obtained it I will be reverting back to my original 2012 idea of having the Technological Holocaust site onto its own dot com and using my Targeted in America site for more personal accounts of being targeted. . .like I'd already done in my books with these titles. HOWEVER I am leaving the original Technological Holocaust pages in tact on the Targeted in America site, so they can be available to those who may find the addresses in papers and ads I've had running through the past three years. I pray that they are left as they are and not interfered with. I will soon give the Targeted in America site a new face with a link to the new site.

Update: I have decided to keep
the site below as my primary site.

P.S. I was hit with torture levels of microwaves to my head shortly after posting this.