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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dream of "Foriegn Files" and Possible Set Ups

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   I had a strange dream last night, which showed something about me being surrounded by foreign files and feeling confused and not knowing what was happening. And I wonder if there is a connection between this and the recently occurring download arrows that pop onto my computer screen when I'm on the Internet. Is something being downloaded onto my computer? If so, what for? And does the recent puppet message "Wicked one" have something to do with an aim to slander me?
   Lately I am experiencing another round of what appears to be set ups to frame me for something. Yesterday morning I walked out of a store to catch a woman walking away from my car. I don't know what she did there, if anything. . .but because I am being targeted and threatened I can not help but wonder. This morning there was a purse left in the bathroom that they knew I was going to. Did they expect me to steal it or was it a set up for them to fabricate a theft? I brought it to the customer service station and I guess time will tell. But it felt like a set up of some sort.
   Aside from this I continue to experience microwaves shot into my head, which hit close to torture levels last night. I also experienced the usual moderate pain and nausea. My spine in the lower part of my neck is being lasered as I write this!

I pray for this covert craziness to stop - for dark manipulations to stop - for the good in our world to just openly and honestly do the right things to expose the horrible technological and other covert crimes that are being committed against humanity.  . .and for heavily targeted victims to get the protection and help we desperately need. Perhaps if we all let go of the nit-picky little things and distractions and put more focus on exposing and stopping the hard core crimes this could happen sooner. I have tried to do this, but its often too difficult, while being targeted and having to focus on the crazy stuff at least enough to prevent framings, keep myself safe and prevent the taking of the little tiny bit of Freedom I have left. This is sometimes like a full time job and I feel exhausted and overwhelmed!
   This blog is more for my personal experiences and my Technological Holocaust and Heart Bud sites are more for educating and helping humanity. Please read and share them. I pray that what I have posted on the web is reaching people's Hearts and is helping people to realize the Truth about the technological and covert targeting.
   Yesterday I had a vision of an old friend who is also still being tortured. I deeply felt her pain and cried for her. It hit me so hard that I'm sure some of the grief I felt was my own, because I know too well how she feels. Through this process I wrote the following page with the hope that maybe she, and others who continue to suffer, may see it and be comforted by it. I'm holding onto a consoling vision of God sending her an Angel to hold her while she cries. I hope she knows that someone still cares about her. It is indescribably difficult to know that good decent people are being tortured and are suffering and there is nothing more I can do but keep up my web fight to expose these crimes for all of us. . .and pray that those of us who are still surviving will find the strength to keep holding on. . .

Page for estranged loved ones who are also heavily targeted;