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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Again. . .a VIP Message

   I feel that Kris was probably targeted in ways that even he does not realize. But his Heart - his care for humanity still shines through the songs that were often blocked from reaching much of the public. The following song is a prime example of this. . .and feels like a VERY appropriate message for ALL who engage in the covert war.

Kris Kristofferson - Love Is The Way

Within this song Kris points out the destructive wars and preachers teaching "gospels of hate. . .and by there behavior, determined to teach us a lesson we're soon to be learning too late." And the solution he ends the song with is, "Life is the question. . .life is the answer. . . God is the reason and Love is the way." And I feel that he was right on target. Why aren't the rest of us?

Love Is The Way 
by Kris Kristofferson

Deep in the heart of the infinite darkness
A tiny blue marble is spinning through space
Born in the splendor of god's holy vision
And sliding away like a tear down his face
Closer you see the whole wide holy wonder
Of oceans and mountains and rivers and trees
And the strangest creation of many, the human
A creature of laughter and freedom and dreams
Now the warriors are waving their old rusty sabres
The preachers are preaching the gospel of hate
By their behavior determined to teach us
A lesson we're soon to be learning to late.
Look closer my brother, we're killing each other
And we'd better stop and get started today,
Because life is the question and life is the answer
And God is the reason and love is the way. . .