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Friday, February 13, 2015

Why do They Want My Car Accessible and Destroyed?

   Since someone gave me a minivan I left my car parked in a lot in NH. There had been such a heavy perpetration push for me to have my car sent to a crushing yard for destruction.
   This had made me wonder if the next push to have it crushed would come around this time when the registration runs out. And it has! But why are they so bent on having my vehicles destroyed? Aside from the storage I have in it, is the car a piece of evidence in a way that I am not aware of? It must be, because they did the same thing with my other vehicle - they literally ruined it and then manipulated a situation where I was forced to sell it to a junk yard. They wanted it destroyed so badly that the yard, which they suggested, paid me far more than the norm just to take it off my hands.
   I need my old car for storage and sentimental reasons, which raises another possible issue that needs exposure. All that I have left of my old writings and belongings is in the trunk of that car.  Today, just after I sent an email to officials, which stated that I can not write a more complete report of these crimes until I have protection and access to my journals. . .I suddenly got a call from a man who owns the yard my car is in. His request for it to be immediately moved seemed like it had a manipulation behind it. The car is completely buried in the snow. As I began shoveling it out and started it, I got a strong feeling that those who target me just want the snow off of it so they can inconspicuously get into the trunk, where my journals are. This appears true, because as soon as I verbalized my suspicion, and my decision to leave the snow on the trunk, I was shot in the back of my head with what some sort of laser or microwave weapon. . .and then it seemed like the car was also microwaved, because it suddenly died and the battery completely drained all by itself, in the same way as it has on other occasions when they have disabled it.

    Now I have to worry about what to do with my car and belongings! If they continue to manipulate the owners of the yard into making me move it, when I can not afford to, it forces me to lose it. Anyone have any ideas on a safe place to park it
   Right now the snow on the trunk is making it impossible for the thieves to be inconspicuous. But if they make me lose the whole thing and take my belongings with me, they will have access to them, because the van I am now in is more accessible to those who target me. I need a miracle really quickly.

P.S. 2/14/2015) It also seems like the issue with my car may have been a retaliation from those whom I had just angrily blasted for trying to (yet another time) to force me into going from town to town to be used in their covert war although I have repeatedly and loudly said that I want no part in it, that it is hurting me more, that I do not believe in the war, which appears to be merely hurting innocent people. I do not understand their disrespect and believe that perpetration is in charge of the whole covert world and war and people who are involved need to be informed of what they are being used in and that it is causing more harm and doing no good.