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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Technological Mind Control and Phramaceuticals - a Lethal Combination

Connecting the Dots Between Microwave Targeting, False Mental Illness Diagnosis and Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals;

Download a PDF of this Article www.targetedinamerica.com/psychiatry.pdf

   Is it a coincidence that the field of psychiatry is suspected, in Bernard Schreiber's research, to be involved in a continuation of holocaustal crimes against humanity since Hitler's holocaust. . .that, according to General Barrie Trower, microwave weapons began perfecting their ability to remotely inflict symptoms that mimic "Mental Illness" in targeted individuals in the 1950s. . .that the field of psychiatry was making shifts from Freudian methods to medicatable "mental illness" diagnosis in the 1950s. . .and then (thank God) along came people like Jewish Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz to stand up for humanity against what he classified as false "mental illness" labels?
  An interesting paper on this site is entitled, "On Being Sane in an Insane Place". . .
by Michael Fontaine www.szasz.com/beingsaneepidamnus.pdf

  As I try to find information to back up my belief that parts of the psychiatry profession, and their support of the pharmaceuticals, which aid mind control technologies, are directly involved in this holocaust. . .I am again being hit with painful microwave shots. Perhaps because I am finding what I was looking for.
   I am pleased to have found doctors who recognize that something is horribly wrong with the new era of "mental illness" diagnosis, and the meds that are either prescribed or forced onto people who are not aware and NOT "ill."

   I have deep feelings about this, because I witnessed a child being destroyed by these meds and I know of other Targeted Individuals who lost themselves after being forced onto pharmaceuticals. I also have an interest in this because so many unqualified people have tried to convince me that I am "mentally ill" in order to cover the targeting...etc. And I am fighting to not become another labeled pharmaceutical victim on top of all the other parts of the targeting. It is Truly insane that any human being would have to fight to not be falsely labeled and force medicated by criminals who are targeting us!
   As I gather this information, in order to back up what I already know. . .those who target me appear to be invading my computer to alter names on my posts! But I think I've caught and corrected it. Among the doctors who have made a positive stand against the false labeling and harmful drugs are Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz, Dr. Paula Caplan, Dr.Peter Breggin, Dr. Colin Ross, and Dr. Gary Greenberg. Please pass this onto those who may be taking antidepressants...etc. 
   BUT please keep in mind that those, who are not aware of the technological part of the targeting, can easily cover severe cases of targeting by blaming its results on reactions to psychiatric pharmaceuticals, like in the Navy yard shooting, which Breggin blames on a pharmaceutical. 
   I hope that these sorts of views are not used to hide the technological mind control, part of these crimes, because this would just enable its continuation and growth. 
   It is proven that certain psychiatric pharmaceuticals enhance the technological targeting, which appears to be part of the reason why Targeted Individuals are forced into taking them. The fact that these sorts of drugs are still being found in public drinking water has me more scared than concerned
   There are those who'd want to leap into labeling my fear with "paranoid." But what it really is is care for our health and safety. I feel scared for all of us. And I can't feel better about it until the problems are acknowledged and addressed and are proven to be in a firm process of stopping.

P.S. There appears to be a vamp up in the aim to frame me for a crime again! This new article appears to have angered those who target me. Please Print Out my Writings.