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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Letter Revoking Investigations Through Senator Jeanne Shaheen

[ Update; On February 7 of 2017 I sent an apology and request for help after gettingm a conference call from Shaheen, and things have gotten worse again since then. I am not sure if this is a coincidence, but more covert harassment or covert messaging was what I absolutely did not want or need. And I am still not sure of what was going on at the time of this post. Hopefully it will someday all be clear.
    In the past couple years I have been learning that it is best to not judge or assume anything connected to the covert stuff that goes on around me, because I am being targeted in ways that effect my perceptions and am surrounded by multitudes of covert manipulations.
I pray that, someday soon, government officials, in all positions of power, will be able to let their Hearts peacefully and openly stand up for us and each other and America. . .especially against the technological and pharmaceutical mind control that is harming and controlling so many. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover. ]

   A few months ago I received a call from a secretary of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. She offered help with investigations and a congressional hearing and sent me a consent form to sign. This all seemed WAY too good to be true. Was it?
    To make a long story short; I never sent the signed consent form, but it appears to have been intercepted in route to people whom I had sent it to with the hope of their knowing if it would help or hurt my situation. Shaheen got the form and things began heading in a more negative direction. Is this a coincidence? Perhaps. But it appears that I got more hindrance than help and this concerns me so much that I have decided to revoke my consent.
    I'm sharing this publicly, out of concern for my safety, because I had to write it on an infiltrated computer. I also want to be sure that she gets it the way I wrote it. Below is the contents of the letter I am putting in the mail today. If you know Senator Shaheen, please forward it to her. 

Dear Senator Jeanne Shaheen,
    I hereby revoke authorization for you to obtain information from government agencies pertaining to my situation. I am feeling a bit confused as to what your intentions and their effects may have been, due to all that has happened since I received an offer of help from your secretary Laura, and then sent a signed consent form to someone else in order for it to reach you. However, the manipulations around me, which aim to prevent help and honest investigations, appear huge and it is possible that the letter was intercepted and that you received something other than what I'd sent.

    If, in the future, there are ways that you can truly help me I'd need to have
a private conversation with you and be assured of what course of action you'd take and what the effects would be on those of us who continue to suffer with no solid help in sight. Please do not help to hide these crimes. Please let your heart care about us and the future safety of all of humanity.

Please read www.targetedinamerica.com

With Concern
Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   As I post this my neck was being lasered and it appears that threats are being delivered through  a man who sat near me and is loudly saying things like, "an aneurysm" and "target two kids" and "traitor."
  In my heart I know that good people would not be threatening me. I hope they find their Hearts and I hope they are not connected to Shaheen. Since everything is covert, and the manipulations are so immense, its often difficult to be 100% sure of anything, which leaves people like me in a horrible situation. . .with nothing solid to trust and turn to. GOD, HELP US ALL.

7:11pm; Directly after posting this the lasering suddenly stopped. Even no ring in my ears. But I am now experiencing the old type of nuking, which I used to get a lot of. I feel sick and like I'm burning up, but my temp has dropped to way below normal.

Update; Within 24 hours of this post I got four covert messages, which seem threatening; "aneurysm," "Happy Birthday," "You are going blind and no one is going to help you," and "You could have a brain tumor that is causing all this." Aside from this there continues to be a heavy push to have me labeled as "mentally ill." This scheme has included trying to have me go to see a psychiatrist, on my own, just to prove my sanity, although MANY KNOW that the targeting is really happening.
  I feel that they'd probably aim to put me on meds, "in order to see if it stops the symptoms". . . and then the obvious parts of the targeting would intentionally stop so that they can call it "mental illness." According to a dream I had, this could be only the first step in a sadistic plan to have me declared completely incompetent and lose my freedom and work altogether. There is no way that I am going to walk into their trap. And those psychiatric medications are proven to be harmful aside from aiding the mind control part of the targeting.