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Friday, February 20, 2015

Gulf War Syndrome = Microwave Targeting?

    I find it ironic how the Gulf War Syndrome symptoms mimic that of microwave targeting and the "Lupus" I was told I had during what appeared to be an attempt to microwave me to death in 2006.

Researchers tie Gulf War illness to brain damage by Kelly Kennedy, USA TODAY

Do the microwaves cause testable brain damage? According to Tim Rifat the microwaving causes certain types of cell structure damage that can be detected with proper medical testing. It is my understanding that the drugs used to enhance mind control technologies, can be detected through tests run on our hair.

Find the full article here

P.S. It appears that the new type of torture, which I am again experiencing since around 4:30 pm today, is being done to force me into silence, within my own personal vehicle. The targeting seems to have recently shifted into a more sick and sadistic level. "I hope you like it," they had a puppet snidely say after this round began. I'm already running on almost no sleep from the suffering they inflicted through most of last night. Again, I am in deep need of protection from further targeting.